8 Predictions for the 2018-19 NBA Season

The 2018-19 NBA starts in little under a week an it will be crazy. There will be a ton of people on new teams. Warriors will still win the championship. But it will be extincting to see who will be the new king of the east. So here are my 8 predictions for the new season. I was going to make 10 but I wanted to be a little different.

  1. Kevin Knox (NY Knicks) will win rookie of the year: gettyimages-997255762.jpgKevin Knox had a sub-par preseason but its just rookie woes. I believe that this will make him better later in the season. And he will ha a Donovan Mitchell type of season where he will be better by the end of the season.
  2. Hoodie Melo (Houston Rockets) will finally emerge: screenshot_20180907-130528.jpgThis will be the last year that I will give hoodie Melo a chance. He is under Mike D’Antoni who is a offensive mastermind. While him finally taking a role on the bench.
  3. Lou Will (LA Clippers) going back to back:Lou-Williams-640x360.jpg Lou Williams is just that guy off the bench. And I cant see anyone come off the bench like him. So I can see him repeating with the 6th man of the year.
  4. Joel Embiid (Phil. 76ers) is gonna be the defensive king:3QCCN7XY3BCOHKWGLN5MQYV3TE.jpg Now Joel is a great defensive player. And with the year the Sixers are gonna have. His defensive game will take a step up this year.
  5. Gregg (SA Spurs) will take the crown: 5ad4fbcc146e7122008b4b0b-1136-568With Dejounte Murray injured. And everyone doubting that the Spurs. I believe that he will take them the 5th seed in the loaded west and make Demar a MVP candidate. And he will become coach of the year.
  6. Markelle Fultz (Phil. 76ers) is the obvious most improve:aa2f1087fe7294ebffd3c75c74da2e9c He rookie year was not the best. And even if he’s descent player. He is leagues above his rookie year. This isn’t really a prediction its a fact.
  7. Anthony Davis (NO Pelicans) will go off:2018-04-20T005804Z_1490799735_NOCID_RTRMADP_3_NBA-PLAYOFFS-PORTLAND-TRAIL-BLAZERS-AT-NEW-ORLEANS-PELICANS-768x538 This is the year of Anthony Davis. He’s at center and has the team for himself. I believe that he will take the crown from Harden and claim the MVP for the 2018-19 season. This is the year with no clear MVP. Its up for the taking.
  8. My BOLD prediction for the year is that the Pacers will make it to the Eastern Conference Championship:usa_today_10451222.0.jpg Victor Oladipo will take another step in his game. Along with the duo of centers of Turner and Sabonis. They also acquired Evans from Memphis. They will be the second seed in the East. While also going to the ECF. They might make it even further.

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