FALL 2018|MANGA HAUL|Sustain The Industry

This fall was the start of college for me. So for the months of August, September, and October my haul is very small. Only 17 mangas and light novels. So let’s begin with what I collected these past months.

This is one of the newer mangas of Shonen Jump. Dr.Stone is the what I believe to be the next big 3 of Jump. I am caught up to this manga and it is great So far. Its a post apocalypses world when everyone turns to stone. Its a very fresh manga to read.

 Shuzo Oshimi is my third favorite mangakas of all time. With a number of mangas like the underrated Trail of Blood and The Flowers of Evil. The story Happiness is competing with Trail of Blood for his best work. I highly recommend this manga. This manga is about vampires and when the MC gets bitten by a vampire and becomes one. You get to see him struggle and go through the fazes. It has Tokyo Ghoul vibes, so if enjoy that you will love this manga.

I ordered this manga due to the author of Vinland Saga creating this. I heard  its about people cleaning garbage in space an the art looks great so I hope to enjoy this.

 This manga is GOAT. My personal favorite and if you haven’t read this or watch the anime. GO and read or watch it. I wont tell you anything about it. But the genre is comedy.

My favorite Jump manga behind One Piece and I really have nothing to say about this. Its about Food and nothing else.(smirk)

I saw a couple chapters about this 4 panel manga and enjoyed it. It a romantic comedy about Tomo and the guy she likes. And your just wondering will the guy ever realize. The cast is lovable in this.

My first and favorite generic harem. And just something to put in the back back department of my bookcase. It has the baddest women in anime history.

The light novel portion of this haul includes: the Spice and Wolf the anime that needs a season 3 like now. This has 20 volumes plus a spin off and you cant give us a season 3 though.

The last book in this haul is the No Game No Life. This also has never receive another season of the anime. But the anime is my top 3 favorite anime of all time.

That is my haul for the fall season. The next one will come out in January of next year. I hope to enjoy Planetes and Trail of Blood gets and English translation. So that is my haul so peace.

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