Kingdom 576 Review: Ousen’s Orders

Ousen might be the second smartest general in the land.(Behind Riboku ob course ). This chapter focuses on Ousen’s battlefield in particually the right wing.With their general fallen the right wing has low morale.

But even with that low morale Qin still manage to get the advantage on day 10 against Zhou. Which is why I believe even in this doubt by the whole wing. That Ousen will manage to prevail.

But in this low morale Ten states that they need a new leader. And the camp elects Ouhon immediately. They state due to his blood relations and his tactics on the battlefield he was the perfect choice.

But Ousen refuted it. And Ouhon takes it and follows orders. But his camp extremely disagrees with it.

 They disagree to the point. That they question Ousen’s morales towards his son. Then they reveal the shocking fact.

Which was also in front of Shin. That Ouhon may not be his child. Meaning that Ouhon is a bastard or an orphan(Theories Incoming). Which it just insane. I knew that he hated his father. But is that the reason?

But I personally think this inst the reason for Ousen declining of the promotion of his son. But for the fact that its harder to hit multiple targets than one head target if you know what I mean. Thanks to SenseScans for tranlating the second most needed english tranlation needed.


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