So is Kaido the strongest confirm? (One Piece 921 Spoilers)

So if you haven’t read chapter 921 go read it now. Cause there will be spoilers. Now just to let you know that the chapter ended like this.

Kaido Dragon colored by dooperco

This right here is Kaido if you haven’t noticed that. And yes he is a dragon right now. With that being, I have a question. Is Kaido the strongest confirm. Or is it still Shanks.

Cause who is killing a dragon that size my guy. Due to the fact that Kaido was intimidating enough in his base form. But when this guy came from the heavens and made even Jack shook in his dragon form. I’m just asking if he confirmed the strongest in the verse now? Me personally I know now after this chapter, that if it’s one on one Kaido wins. And I’m saying that that Kaido is now over Shanks.

Also the person who colored that dope Kaido pic is dooperco. The link is here

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