30 Teams In 30 Sentences| NBA Week 1 2018-19 Recap

The NBA is back and its time to see how the teams are doing.

30) Cleveland Cavaliers 0-3

Trash in the Post Lebron-Era #2.

29) Atlanta Hawks 1-2

Trey Young is a bright future in a poor defensive team.

28) Chicago Bulls 0-2

Is Zach Back?

27)Orlando Magic 1-2

New Year, Same Team.

26)Sacramento Kings 1-2

Making Improvements.

25)Memphis Grizzlies 1-1

Triple J (Jaren Jackson Jr) is a future star.

24) Dallas Mavericks 1-1

Dennis Smith is almost a star.

23)Los Angeles Lakers 0-2

NBA stars actually throw punches.

22)New York Knicks 1-2

Not the best team in New York.

21)Brooklyn Nets 1-2

Turnovers in New York.

20)Phoenix Suns 1-1

Pheniox will make the playoffs.

19)Oklahoma City Thunder 0-3

No Westbrook, Big problem.

18) Minnesota Timberwolves 1-2

Nothing Without Jimmy.

17)Washington Wizards 0-2

Still 80 games to determine.

16) Miami Heat 1-2

The start for a Legends end.

15)Charlotte Hornets 2-1


14)Detroit Pistons 2-0

Another good start to the season, But there is still 80 games.

13)San Antonio Spurs 1-1

The Spurs way.

12)Houston Rockets 1-2

Houston we have alot of problems.

11)Philadelphia 76ers 2-1

Fultz shots a three and makes it.

10)LA Clippers 2-1

I really don’t have nothing to say cause I didn’t watch a Clipper game or their highlights; But good start.

9)Indiana Pacers 2-1

They will make the ECF.

8)Utah Jazz 1-1

No comment.

7) Portland Trail Blazers 2-0

Underrated again.

6)Milwaukee Bucks 2-0

Good, but not good enough.

5)Boston Celtics 2-1

They need to trade Jaylen Brown.

4)Toronto Raptors 3-0

King of the East.

3)Golden State Warriors 2-1

They will still win the championship.

2)New Orleans Pelicans 2-0

Antony Davis is the NEW BEST PLAYER in the NBA.

1)Denver Nuggets 3-0

Jokic with defense.

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