30 Teams, One Sentence|NBA Power Ranking Week 2

Another week of NBA, another week of sentences. Let’s start with the pic of the week. Curry after hitting one of his 51 points against the Wizards.
30.Cleveland Cavaliers: “Ty Lue, your FIIIIIIRRRRREEEEEDDDDDDD.”
29.Orlando Magic: If Cleveland didn’t exist you would be the worst organization in the the league.
28.Washington Wizards: Dwight Howard + Wizards Lockerroom equals 1-5
27.Phoenix Suns: No Devin Booker, same Suns.
26.New York Knicks: Waiting to find a Unicorn.
25.Dallas Mavericks: This is Dennis Smith’s team.
24.Los Angeles Lakers: I wished they went 0-5.
23.Chicago Bulls: Zach is an confirmed All Star.
22.Atlanta Hawks: Trey Young is ROTY.
21.Brooklyn Nets: Solid
20.Oklahoma City Thunder: Rough start to the season.
19.Sacramento Kings: Good start for a young team in he west.
18.Minnesota Timberwolves: Tibbs needs to get fired.
17.Houston Rockets: Rough start to the season..
16.Memphis Grizzlies: No comment.
15.Miami Heat: Whiteside plays good for once.
14.Charlotte Hornets: Kemba is carrying this team like Lebron.
13.Philadelphia 76ers: Markelle Flutz will have a bright future.
12.Detroit Pistons: BLAKE(Be-Lak-Kay)
11.San Antonio Spurs: DeRozan is becoming a true Spur.
10.LA Clippers: They have a one of the best futures in the west.
9.Portland Trail Blazers: How does Lillard score 40 and you still lose.
8.Utah Jazz: This team is one of 4 teams to challenge the Warriors.
7.Indiana Pacers: Still a sleeper.
6.Boston Celtics: Jason Tatum is the best player on the Celtics.
5.Denver Nuggets: Still a reeeaaallly good team.
4.Toronto Raptors: Best Team in the East?
3.Milwaukee Bucks: Improvements.
2.New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis will win MVP.
1.Golden State Warriors: So Curry can’t let Blake enjoy his 50 point game.

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