30 Teams, One Sentence|NBA Power Ranking Week 3

Another week of NBA, another week of sentences. Let’s start with the pic of the week. Derrick Rose NEVER GIVING UP!!!
30.Cleveland Cavaliers: FINALLY A SINGLE WIN!!!!!!!
29.Washington Wizards: FINALLY ANOTHER WIN.
28.Orlando Magic: Nikola Vučević is then 8th leading scorer of the franchise.
27.New York Knicks: Ron Baker for Halloween.
26.Phoenix Suns: D Book is back.
25.Dallas Mavericks: Come on DJ give Doncic the rebound.
24.Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose, Period.
23.Los Angeles Lakers: Lebron isn’t the best in the league no more.
22.Atlanta Hawks: Trey Young is ROTY said JR Smith to Collin Sexton.
21.Houston Rockets: Melo is good for one game.
20.Detroit Pistons: They rise and fall, again.
19.Brooklyn Nets: Spencer Dinwiddie is the GOAT.
18.Memphis Grizzlies: Back to average.
17.Miami Heat: I’m a little heated.
16.Charlotte Hornets: Free Kemba now.
15.Oklahoma City Thunder: Back to normal.
14.Philadelphia 76ers: I would like to rent an apartment in Drummond’s mind.
13.Minnesota Timberwolves: Derrick Rose is all I have to say.
12.LA Clippers: No Comment.
11.Sacramento Kings: Fox is the future in this league.
10.Utah Jazz: Derrick Rose deserved 3 teams for that performance.
9.San Antonio Spurs: DeRozan is solid.

8.Indiana Pacers: ZZzzzz = People still sleeping.

7.Portland Trail Blazers: Still the third best team record in the west.
6.New Orleans Pelicans: Really bad without Davis
5.Boston Celtics: Are they the best team in the east?
4.Denver Nuggets: No homo.
3.Milwaukee Bucks: The only undefeated team left, oh wait.
2.Toronto Raptors: Where Kawhi?
1.Golden State Warriors:  I feel like they are just playing a game of who can score 50 first.

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