Why You Should Watch Overlord | Anime Recommendation #1


Overlord is without a doubt an anime that every anime fan should watch. If you want epic fights, breathtaking dialogue, and just a great cast. Watch this anime. Still not convinced then read this page.



The story is about an outaku being trapped in another world. Due to that you might stray away. Due to that said outaku also being overpowered and a has a harem  cough* cough* Kirito. But in this story is different. Cause they do that generic main character right. They make the support cast right. They built the world right. And the make every detail in the story realistic.



The characters in this anime is like a double edge sword covered in thrones. One the one hand it has a great large cast of characters and a amazing main character. But due to that there are there are great characters that aren’t developed or get any screen time. With the thrones in my metaphor is that they give some unlikable characters to me. But when you get scenes with the main characters it becomes so captivating.

Music (OP,ED,and Soundtrack)

maxresdefault (3)

The anime opening for the first season is hype incarnate. With the ending to it not far behind. And it doesn’t slow down in the first season. The second and third openings and endings are breathtaking as well. And the soundtrack is captivating and that is one thing through the anime’s three seasons that it keeps.


maxresdefault (2)

Now the animation isn’t the best animation in the world. But when they have action scenes MADHOUSE delivers. But one thing that I really couldn’t get through is the CG in the anime. Which was abysmal.


Overlord III - 11 - Large 25

One of the negatives about this anime. Is the vast amount of character that you really don’t care about that much. While also introducing more and more characters every season. You end up seeing less of the season 1 cast in future seasons.



But if you want action, great characters, and a story of a true Overlord. Then watch this epic of a franchise. And if you enjoy the anime so much then just click below to read the light novels. Which is the original source of this anime (And a whole other discussion of that being one of the greatest light novels that exist). But I cant stress enough that this anime is one that I highly recommend. And think about this, studio MADHOUSE rarely makes a season 2, Let alone a season 3. And they made both of those. So hope that you can enjoy that anime.



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