Manga I Enjoy#1|S Class Art|Sun-Ken Rock by Boichi

This manga is what I call a imperfect masterpiece. This manga by Boichi who I say is one of the most underated artist in manga history. And with this series I believe this is his greatest work. With the story and art combination making it  a near masterpiece. But their is a arc that makes it imperfect. But I enjoy the story and the character Ken to the fullest. And here is why with minor spoilers.



It can be interpreted in many in many ways. I’ll start with a the MyAnimeList  version which is a way most people will see the story. And my versin the way I would see the story.

This is the Story fromMyAnimeList: The story revolves around Ken, a man from an upper-class family that was orphaned young due to his family’s involvement with the Yakuza; he became a high school delinquent known for fighting. The only thing that motivates him to take action is through his romantic affections for a classmate, Yumi. After learning she decided to move to Korea to become a police officer, Ken leaves his life in Japan behind and tries to follow in Yumi’s footsteps; due to unforeseen circumstances, he incidentally becomes the head of a local gang and tries to hide it from Yumi. As the leader, the gang is renamed the Sun-Ken Rock Group.

My version shorten version is a hero being put in the a spot of a mafia boss feared by all the lands.

The story is about Ken and him join the mafia by accident. But when he joins his ideals are the basically the ideals similar to Naruto. The way he sees the good in people is amazing. And the fights in this manga are breathtaking alongside the artwork. But one negative to this story is the later arcs more lackluster. Along with the Pop Idol arc that was probaly the worst arc in the manga. But overall if anything the earlier  arc with Ken beating that building. Then allowing the people he beat to join his crew was hype. Making this a imperfect masterpiece.


I really can’t stress this enough. How flawless some of these panels are. With Boichi being the most underrated pure artist in manga history. So I cant really put into word how great this artwork is. So I will just put some of my favorite panels. Throughout this post.



The main reason I enjoyed this manga is for Ken. His character is comedic when he wants to be. And his crew has their own quirks and stuff. But when It’s time to get serious.

The are the most serious characters in the world. Fighting to the death for there family of misfits. When they get serious they REALLY get serious.



The fights in this has a lot of blood, breathtaking drawn action scenes, along with the rivalries this just amplifies it to the max, and just the fights in general. They can be smart and multiple forces thinking. Or just to people just punching one another til one submits or dies.


This is one of my favorite mangas of all time. And I didn’t even talk about the best girl in the series Kae-Lyn Kim. Along with the whole gang. But that’s for another time. This series is a series that sadly isn’t in america. Also this is one I can’t stress enough that this is manga that I really enjoy. And hope that you do too.


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