30 Teams, One Sentence|NBA Power Ranking Week 5

 Another week of NBA, another week of sentences. Lots of fights, trade rumors, and controversies. But lets start the post with the pic of the week.

Lebron on the night he surpass Wilt Chamberlain for fifth all time in scoring. 
Washington Wizards

30.Washington Wizards(29): It’s way too toxic here, Next sentence.

Cleveland Cavaliers

29.Cleveland Cavaliers(30): Finally not 30, Yeah.

Atlanta Hawks

28.Atlanta Hawks(25): I still can’t believe that they won 60 games less than 5 years ago.

Phoenix Suns

27.Phoenix Suns(28): Well the 8th seed will happen another year.

New York Knicks

26.New York Knicks(27): Maybe a Melo return?

Dallas Mavericks

25.Dallas Mavericks(26): Luka Doncic ROTY confirmed.

Chicago Bulls

24.Chicago Bulls(23): Zach Lavine, Period. 

Miami Heat

23.Miami Heat(21): What is wrong?

Brooklyn Nets

22.Brooklyn Nets(20): Prayers out for LaVert.

Minnesota Timberwolves

21.Minnesota Timberwolves(24): Oh, now you play hard. #Petty

Charlotte Hornets

20.Charlotte Hornets(16): So Kemba scores 60 and yall still lose. #TradeKemba

Orlando Magic

19.Orlando Magic(22): I’m crossing my fingers.

Detroit Pistons

18.Detroit Pistons(19): Congrats on beating your old team Casey, Now stay in the playoffs.

Sacramento Kings

17.Sacramento Kings(14): Well it was good while it lasted.

Utah Jazz

16.Utah Jazz(11): Que?

Los Angeles Lakers

15.Los Angeles Lakers(17): 9th seed is a lock.

Houston Rockets

14.Houston Rockets(18): Well yall released Melo so you can hide the fact that you will never win a championship. 

San Antonio Spurs

13.San Antonio Spurs(6): Dejonte, stay away from them GOLD DIGGERS.

New Orleans Pelicans

12.New Orleans Pelicans(12): Better trade for Porter.

Boston Celtics

11.Boston Celtics(7): Too much talent.

Memphis Grizzlies

10.Memphis Grizzlies(15): Top 4 team in the west. #Interesting

Indiana Pacers

9.Indiana Pacers(10): #ZZZzzzz

LA Clippers

8.LA Clippers(13): A very solid team, not great but solid.

Denver Nuggets

7.Denver Nuggets(4): No Comment.

Oklahoma City Thunder

6.Oklahoma City Thunder(9): Can PG win MVP?

Philadelphia 76ers

5.Philadelphia 76ers:(8): Where will Fultz go?

Golden State Warriors

4.Golden State Warriors(2): FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT.

Milwaukee Bucks

3.Milwaukee Bucks(3): GANNIS!!!

Portland Trail Blazers

2.Portland Trail Blazers(5): Have I’ve been sleeping? #WaitForThePlayoffs

Toronto Raptors

1.Toronto Raptors(1): They might beat the Warriors this year.

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