KAGURA HYPE!!! Gintama is the most UNDERRATED ANIME IN HISTORY. |Gintama EP.142 Reaction

Kagura in Episode 142 of Gintama

I just want to say that Gintama is the greatest anime that I have ever watch in my life. While also being one of the greatest works of fiction I believe in the history of literature. Cause when I saw that Kagura go into her Yato instinct mode, she near surpasses Murata Tetsuko (The sword smith girl in the Benizakura arc) as the best girl in the series. She is without a doubt the most underrated character in anime history. While also being in the most underrated anime history. Cause most of the time Gintama is just a weekly gag anime with some hilarious parody scenes and an amazing cast of characters. And when they have arcs like this it just puts it up there with the best of the best. And this fight without about is currently the best in the series. But without a doubt that this anime. Even though its age, it far surpass many anime that I watched in 2018 for the animation quality. And when Kagura went into that mode. I couldn’t help but just get over hyped. Cause if she can tap into this power into the future. There is possibility that she can be the strongest in the whole series. I have been holding back on posting about this series cause I really couldn’t describe my enjoyment of this series. And I know that this I still have a long way to go for the arcs that I heard nothing but greatness by. So if you don’t mind I’m just gonna finish up this arc and probably just watch it till I sleep.

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