My New Favorite Anime Of All Time|Road to Greatness|Gintama R&R (PART 1 Episodes 1 to 57)

I just want to say when I started this journey in this anime. I really didn’t know what to expect. I knew it was funny and parodied a lot of other anime and mangas. But one I was listing to a stream on the greatest arcs in anime/manga history. It was then end of the stream and this person came in the stream. He then gave the greatest sales pitch for Gintama. The passion he gave to this show was so great that the next day I watched episode 1 and regretted it. Cause like people said it was made for the manga readers. Which really deterred me along with the old style of the anime but I continued after about a hour break due to the praises about this anime.

Now episodes 1 and 2 are for MANGA READERS ONLY so you don’t have to watch it. But once you hop into episode 3 that is the beginning. You get introduced to important characters and their quirks in the beginning. Along with funny moments. You get suddal  hints at the serious parts in the anime. Like Kagura’s dad arc and the intro to Takasugi. Which both set up the future for the series. You get the relations between the characters. And you just get the funniest of interations. Like Gin and Kagura actics, Tochi’s mayo love, the back and forth between Otae and the Chief, along with the many other character. Make this a 10/10 begining for the anime. 

My most recommended episode for anybody. Which I believe is in the top 3 in the most funniest episode for the first 57.  Is episode 25 called A Shared Soup Pot Is a Microcosm of Life. Which is just a episode filled with 4th wall breaks. And spends the whole episode in one room with people eating from a soup pot. And they make that entertaining. If your curious about Gintama I recommend this to anyone who wants to dip into the waters of this anime. Start with this episode and see if you enjoy it. If you don’t laugh at one scene this isn’t for you. 

Coming up next is episode 58 which starts a arc that I loved to the fullest. It was the first serious arc in Gintama and man. I have so much to say. But I just have to wait to talk about this arc next time.

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