30 Team, 30 Sentences| NBA Power Ranking Week 6

 Another week of NBA, another week of sentences. Thanksgiving Break, Dwight stories, Markelle want’s out, and the Celtics are bad? But before all that, lets start the post with the pic of the week.

Kemba Walker. #FreeKemba
Atlanta Hawks

30.Atlanta Hawks(28): Trey Young is gonna be a star without a doubt.

Cleveland Cavaliers

29.Cleveland Cavaliers(29): Okay you guys got a 2 game win streak.

Phoenix Suns

28.Phoenix Suns(27): Kemba Walker for Josh Jackson and Dragon Bender, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Washington Wizards

27.Washington Wizards(30): And I thought Dwight was the least toxic on the Wizards.

New York Knicks

26.New York Knicks(26): Why are yall winning?

Chicago Bulls

25.Chicago Bulls(24): Zach Lavine is all I got to say about this team.

Miami Heat

24.Miami Heat(23): I really don’t know anymore.

Minnesota Timberwolves

23.Minnesota Timberwolves(21): Andrew Wiggins scored 0 points on 12 attempts.

Brooklyn Nets

22.Brooklyn Nets(22): I feel like they should be in the playoffs.

Dallas Mavericks

21.Dallas Mavericks(25): Shout out to DJ’s free throws.

Charlotte Hornets

20.Charlotte Hornets(20): Kemba to the Suns make it happen.

Utah Jazz

19.Utah Jazz(16): Fun fact: The Jazz can still be the 1st seed in the west (currently 14th).

Sacramento Kings

18.Sacramento Kings(17): Yall are still young.

Boston Celtics

17.Boston Celtics(11): Well, I wonder what happen to the most deep team in the east.

Orlando Magic

16.Orlando Magic(19): Please stay at .500.

San Antonio Spurs

15.San Antonio Spurs(13): Not bad, not good either.

Houston Rockets

14.Houston Rockets(14): Brought back to reality.

Detroit Pistons

13.Detroit Pistons(18): Blake Griffith is worth his contract.

Indiana Pacers

12.Indiana Pacers(9): Victor, prove the haters wrong.

New Orleans Pelicans

11.New Orleans Pelicans(12): AD will leave New Orleans in the next 2 years.

Los Angeles Lakers

10.Los Angeles Lakers(15): I gave the Lakers hate but, i’ll admit defeat.

Portland Trail Blazers

9.Portland Trail Blazers(2): I didn’t have to wait for the playoffs.

Memphis Grizzlies

8.Memphis Grizzlies(10): Triple J is his new nickname that I only give him.

Oklahoma City Thunder

7.Oklahoma City Thunder(6): I like OKC to be the first seed.

Philadelphia 76ers

6.Philadelphia 76ers:(5): Jimmy will resign.

Denver Nuggets

5.Denver Nuggets(7): What happen?

Golden State Warriors

4.Golden State Warriors(4): Yall still need Curry ASAP.

Milwaukee Bucks

3.Milwaukee Bucks(3): 2nd Best team in the east or the league?

LA Clippers

2.LA Clippers(8): Number 1 in the west for the day.

Toronto Raptors

1.Toronto Raptors(1): They are good but is Kawhi leader?

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