30 Team, 30 Sentences| NBA Power Ranking Week 7

 Another week of NBA, another week of sentences. The west is the best it has ever been. Clippers staying on top. And is Detroit a sleeper. But before we get started with that here is your pic of the week.

The night KD scored 51 point losing to the Raptors.
Cleveland Cavaliers

30.Cleveland Cavaliers(29): Still the best team in the east.

Phoenix Suns

29.Phoenix Suns(28): From 3 to no point guards.

Chicago Bulls

28.Chicago Bulls(25): YOUR FIRRRRRRREEEEEEDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!

Atlanta Hawks

27.Atlanta Hawks(30): I didn’t watch an Atlanta game this week.

New York Knicks

26.New York Knicks(26): I see you Mudiay 

Washington Wizards

25.Washington Wizards(27): Still waiting for a trade.

Brooklyn Nets

24.Brooklyn Nets(22): They should trade Russell.

Miami Heat

23.Miami Heat(24): Improving.

Minnesota Timberwolves

22.Minnesota Timberwolves(23): I only care about D Rose.

Utah Jazz

21.Utah Jazz(19): Fun fact: The Jazz aren’t bad but in the west.

Charlotte Hornets

20.Charlotte Hornets(20): Kemba is unreal.

Orlando Magic

19.Orlando Magic(16): Please stay at .478.

Sacramento Kings

18.Sacramento Kings(18): No Comment.

Indiana Pacers

17.Indiana Pacers(12): Well there goes the season.

San Antonio Spurs

16.San Antonio Spurs(15): Will Pop miss the playoffs.

Houston Rockets

15.Houston Rockets(14): James should wear a head more often.

Boston Celtics

14.Boston Celtics(17): Congrats on Hayward.

New Orleans Pelicans

13.New Orleans Pelicans(11): AD will leave New Orleans in the next couple months.

Dallas Mavericks

12.Dallas Mavericks(21): Is Dallas good again?

Portland Trail Blazers

11.Portland Trail Blazers(9): Yall went from the best team to barely in the playoffs.

Memphis Grizzlies

10.Memphis Grizzlies(8): Mike Conley is still the most underrated player in the NBA.

Detroit Pistons

9.Detroit Pistons(13): They have been on fire lately.

Philadelphia 76ers

8.Philadelphia 76ers:(6): Can Joel win MVP?

Los Angeles Lakers

7.Los Angeles Lakers(10): Lebron is the GOAT.

Golden State Warriors

6.Golden State Warriors(4): 50 points and L.

Oklahoma City Thunder

5.Oklahoma City Thunder(7): I believe that they can take the Warriors to six.

Milwaukee Bucks

4.Milwaukee Bucks(3): How did you let him step over you Gannis?

Denver Nuggets

3.Denver Nuggets(5): Back to the top.

LA Clippers

2.LA Clippers(2): I’m getting piston vibes.

Toronto Raptors

1.Toronto Raptors(1): They beat a 50 point Durant.

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