30 Team, 30 Sentences| NBA Power Ranking Week 8

Another week of NBA, another week of sentences. The Bulls suck, the bulls MUST GET RID OF THERE GM, and the bulls loss by 50 this week. And alot more. Let’s start with the pic of the week.

Chicago Bulls

30.Chicago Bulls(28): How the FUCK do you lose by 50 plus.

Phoenix Suns

29.Phoenix Suns(29): Zion to the Suns confirmed.

Cleveland Cavaliers

28.Cleveland Cavaliers(30): I like Sexton.

Atlanta Hawks

27.Atlanta Hawks(27): I didn’t watch an Atlanta game this week.

New York Knicks

26.New York Knicks(26): Mudiay or Frank.

Washington Wizards

25.Washington Wizards(25): Still waiting for the right trade.

Brooklyn Nets

24.Brooklyn Nets(24): Russell is good but sould he stay?

Miami Heat

23.Miami Heat(23): Everyone having kids.

Houston Rockets

22.Houston Rockets(15): Well Eric ain’t having fun no more.

Charlotte Hornets

21.Charlotte Hornets(20): Kemba to Phenoix, New Orleans, Washignton, oh sorry next.

Orlando Magic

20.Orlando Magic(19): I give up on you guys.

Minnesota Timberwolves

19.Minnesota Timberwolves(22): I hope Derrick wins 6th man.

San Antonio Spurs

18.San Antonio Spurs(16): L.A. come on!

New Orleans Pelicans

17.New Orleans Pelicans(13): AD will leave New Orleans by the trade deadline.

Utah Jazz

16.Utah Jazz(21): Fun fact: The Jazz aren’t 2nd dead last.

Detroit Pistons

15.Detroit Pistons(9): Still the Pistons.

Indiana Pacers

14.Indiana Pacers(17): Sabonis over Turner.

Sacramento Kings

13.Sacramento Kings(18): Keep pushing.

Dallas Mavericks

12.Dallas Mavericks(12): Luka over Ben Simmons.

Boston Celtics

11.Boston Celtics(14): 50 plus points on the Bulls.

Portland Trail Blazers

10.Portland Trail Blazers(11): First round exit confirmed.

Memphis Grizzlies

9.Memphis Grizzlies(10): Mike Conley should make the all star game at least once.

Philadelphia 76ers

8.Philadelphia 76ers:(8): Joel is Unhappy?

Los Angeles Lakers

7.Los Angeles Lakers(7): Lance your not Lebron.

LA Clippers

6.LA Clippers(2): Still Solid.

Denver Nuggets

5.Denver Nuggets(3): Injuries.

Oklahoma City Thunder

4.Oklahoma City Thunder(5): How far will they make it.

Toronto Raptors

3.Toronto Raptors(1): What happen to Lowry

Milwaukee Bucks

2.Milwaukee Bucks(4): Gannis or AD that is the question, answer Gannis.

Golden State Warriors

1.Golden State Warriors(6): Still hacks.

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