Kingdom Chapter 583 Reaction|Thirteenth Day

I’m just gonna say this now. But Kaine is gonna have a large role after Riboku’s death (Which has been foreshadowed). And it will not be on the same side as Qin. I know that many people believe that she will join the Hi Shin Unit and join up with Ten. But I conquer that due to her loyalty to Riboku. That was showed in this chapter. That she will never forgive Qin for what they have done. Thus making a rivalry with Ten and the Hi Shin Unit. This is a very bold prediction. But I believe that she is at the level Kyokai is at right now. And in the future maybe a great general of Chu or another nation after the destruction of Zhou. 

On a less serious side of things. I just want to say that joke about the general having lewd dreams about Kaine was great. 

When we see Ousen this chapter. His words alone made him to me hands down top three if not the number one smartest general in all of China. Cause to think that far ahead into the battle. To expect that the Hi Shin Unit to be awakened. Was just out of this world. His mind knows no end. And in this campaign Ousen has earn a spot as my personal top 5 favorite general in the series.

The chapter ends with narration saying “that Ouhon would be defeated”. And the mangaka Hara has left us on another huge cliffhanger yet again. I know that this war can’t be a complete no loss victory over Zhou. But you can’t kill off a future great general under the heavens. I finally started to earn respect for this character and you can’t just end him. I don’t believe Ouhon is dead but is just going to be out of commission for the rest of the battle. I give this chapter a seven out of ten. I really enjoyed it along with some more depth on the Zhou side of things. Along with Kaine which is this chapter’s MVP(Something New). 

Finally, thanks to Senscans for the english publication that will might never get.

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