W.W.A. #1|Megumi Tadokoro

Megumi Tadokoro  is my personal favorite character in the series Food Wars or Shokugeki no Soma. She has a some what shy personality but she is very determined. She will do anything for Soma, her friends, family, and even random strangers. She is pure wife material along with some god tier home cooking. So here are my seven reasons for her appreciation.

7)She is just the perfect wife.

She is a hundred out of ten on the wife material scale. Along with the the other six reasons. She is a anime character that feels real compared to the other in the series. She is a girl you can take home to your parents. A perfect 10 in the looks department. While just being a girl that you can sit back and chill. She might get nervous at times. But she has a very kind and generous soul that puts everyone before herself. If that not a wife materiel then I don’t know what is.

6)She is a specialty in home cooking.

I truly believe that her cooking is a top three best style in the show. Above the likes of the spice style of Hayama and the sea food style of Ryo. And it is just the best for a family that you can possibly have with her (cringe). Just imagine her cooking after a long week of work. 

5)She is the best girl in the series.

There’s Alice, Mito, and Nakiri. But without a doubt Megumi is the best girl in the series. Now the only competitor in my mind is Alice then maybe Mito. But they are not in the same class as as her. And I know I sound condescending but I don’t give a fuck.

4)She is up to take risk.

No matter what the risk is. If it’s for her friends she will do anything. It doesn’t matter if explosion, or the risk of never being able to cook again. She takes as many risk as Soma. Just don’t let her cute face and shy personality fool you. Cause she is a savage.

3)She is adorable.

I’m gonna sound like a fanboy but just look at her. Look at that gif. Tell me that is something that you wouldn’t want to protect. Best girl. Facts. Period.

P.S. She is adorable

P.S.S. She is really adorable.

P.S.S.S. This isn’t even a letter why am I doing this. NEXT.

2)She is a great cook.

What can I say. She has the most underrated cooking in the show. Cause I believe that there are times that she should have won. But what am I to judge. But I know one thing about her cooking. That it is some god damn good cooking. She even went to full Jojo style battle with Ryo.

1)She is loyal.

Her loyalty to Soma and her friends are on another level. If this was a series I believe that she would go all Kagura from Gintama on some bitches. But she will defend her family to great lengths. And I hope that Soma makes her happy and chooses her. But I settle for Takumi Aldini if he can make her happy.

In the end of the day I just hope that she happy. And I hope that they give her a high seat (maybe a first seat and a elite restaurant). But that a women that I really appreciate.

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