Gintama’ Talk|”Four Devas Arc” 210-214 Reaction

This arc was another legendary arc of that Gintama greatness. If I had to rank this arc among all of them up to episode 215. I would have to put it at third. Right behind the two arcs of Sougo’s Sister, along with the arc if Yoshiwara flames. But putting rankings behind, this arc was a ten out of ten in the overall story. Along with the main antagonist of Jericho which I got so many future Gin vibes. And the main theme of this arc being family. There was just so much in this arc it was insane.

Be it with the side antagonist of Pirako who was very comedic at time. While also being a very heart warming character. When we got the her reasoning for her motivation. By the end, when she finally got the her goal of being recognized as a daughter. I’ll admit I teared up. 

But speaking of her father. Jericho was an amazing antagonist this arc. With his motivation being the same as Gin. But following a darker path for that goal. Leading to his lost to Gin in the most epic way.

When both Gin and Jericho where laughing after the finally met for the second time. With that scene with both of them laughing back and forth. Making Jericho a little comedic for a moment. Then seconds after, just seeing them slaughtering all of those Armonto. That was the second most hype moment in that whole arc. Behind the beginning when Jericho almost killed Otose then Gin going  full rage.

Other things I wanted to include was the whole cast of people we never though we see. Like the hard boiled detective and best girl Tetsuko. This arc was literally flash of the past. 

On a final note Shinpachi, has earned my respect this arc. I was wondering when will he caght up to Kagura and Gin in sterght. But this arc he proved it. I know can’t wait for the future of this series. Man I love Gintama. I just want to say without doubt this is my favorite anime of the history of anime. And nothing will ever top it. Nothing.

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