30 Team, 30 Sentences| NBA Power Ranking Week 9

Another week of NBA, another week of sentences. We have a trade, Pheniox is moving to Seattle?, and is Luka better than Ben Simmons. But before we get started with that lets get started with the pick of the week.

Dwayne Wade’s and Lebron James final game together. (Unless they play in the finals)
Chicago Bulls

30.Chicago Bulls(30): Jabari Parker doesn’t deserved to start on any NBA team this season.

Phoenix Suns

29.Phoenix Suns(29): The Phoenix Ls.

Cleveland Cavaliers

28.Cleveland Cavaliers(28): Matthew Dellavedova is coming home.

Atlanta Hawks

27.Atlanta Hawks(27): Cam Reddish is a future Hawk.

New York Knicks

26.New York Knicks(26): Is Ron Baker the whitest player in the NBA ever.

Washington Wizards

25.Washington Wizards(25):“Welcome to this peaceful locker room Trevor Ariza.”

Miami Heat

24.Miami Heat(23): Dwayne and Lebron will sip on that good wine a couple years later and still be debating who won in those battles.

Brooklyn Nets

23.Brooklyn Nets(24):  Spencer Dinwiddie just got paid.

Minnesota Timberwolves

22.Minnesota Timberwolves(19): You lost to the Pheniox Ls.

Orlando Magic

21.Orlando Magic(20): How long is Orlando gonna stay rebuilding.

Charlotte Hornets

20.Charlotte Hornets(21): Jordan go slap Monk again upside the head.

Utah Jazz

19.Utah Jazz(16): Fun fact of the week the Jazz are looking at Jabari Parker.

New Orleans Pelicans

18.New Orleans Pelicans(17): Anthony Davis will leave New Orleans by the next couple months.

San Antonio Spurs

17.San Antonio Spurs(18): I’m wondering if I the Spurs record will finally end this year.

Detroit Pistons

16.Detroit Pistons(15): This team is just stuck in the middle.

Sacramento Kings

15.Sacramento Kings(13): I wonder if the Kings can trade for Anthony Davis.

Houston Rockets

14.Houston Rockets(22): Another year another, another Fifty point triple double for James Harden.

Dallas Mavericks

13.Dallas Mavericks(12): Dirk Nowitzki is back.

Portland Trail Blazers

12.Portland Trail Blazers(10): Somebody needs to be traded on this team cause they are stuck at the same level.

Memphis Grizzlies

11.Memphis Grizzlies(9): So I am wondering who is the better pick. 

Indiana Pacers

10.Indiana Pacers(14): The Pacers are still underrated.

Philadelphia 76ers

9.Philadelphia 76ers:(8): Looking back, you could have had a stating lineup of Simmons, Reddick, Butler, Tatum, and Embiid.

Boston Celtics

8.Boston Celtics(11): The Celtics are back for now.

Los Angeles Lakers

7.Los Angeles Lakers(7): Lonzo and Lebron got that triple double in the same game.

LA Clippers

6.LA Clippers(6): I think that Doc Rivers deserves coach of the year.

Oklahoma City Thunder

5.Oklahoma City Thunder(4): If the Warriors didn’t exist are the the best team in the west.

Milwaukee Bucks

4.Milwaukee Bucks(2): Gannis is MVP confirmed.

Toronto Raptors

3.Toronto Raptors(3): You destroyed the Warriors without Kwaih Lenord.

Denver Nuggets

2.Denver Nuggets(5): Injuries, but still winning all these games.

Golden State Warriors

1.Golden State Warriors(1): L, but still the best.

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