W.W.A. #2 |Azusa Hamaoka

Asuza is one of the best girls in all of anime and manga industry. While also being the most underrated at the same time. Her character is a one of a kind girl in both the real and fictional world. But to describe her character to those of you that don’t know. She is a highly open bisexual girl that drinks at a high level. While also being the hottest girl in the series. And here is five reasons why.

5)She Can Drink And Dive

Just as the title says. She has a passion for diving. So she can be a girl that you can travel to the bottom of the sea to. Along with being a girl that you can go against in a drinking contest and lose to baldy. Like you’ll end up naked before you can get her to take a single article of clothing.

4)She Is Just An Overall Lovable Character

From the first chapter that she has appeared in to the last chapter that she was in was an overall enjoyment. How she blends with the other characters. While being herself. She is just so lovable girl that is wifey material.

3)She Makes Purple My New Favorite Color

In the manga I though that her hair was always a slick black. But when they revealed it in the anime. I don’t know if its the way she looks or the way she wears it. But, she just makes it work. While it also leads to my number two reason.

2)She Is Just A Thing Of Beauty.

She has that good, humongous personality. If you know what I mean. While being the hottest girl in the whole series hands down. If I hadn’t said it enough. But she is just breathtaking, and these pictures don’t give enough justice to the beauty of Asuza.

1)She Give No Fucks

She is the most chill girl in the show. She is open with everything. And she just has no fucks to give. She doesn’t care what people think about her. And she just live the life she wants to live. Along with all those attributes she is educated, in college. That’s why she is a women that I appreciate.

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