30 Team, 30 Sentences| NBA Power Ranking Week 10

Another week of NBA, another week of sentences. Houston break the season NBA record with twenty-six three pointers, Chris Paul is injured, and the league is going up and down before Christmas. But before we get started with that lets get started with the pick of the week.

Giannis being Giannis

Chicago Bulls

30.Chicago Bulls(30): TRADE JABARI!!!

Cleveland Cavaliers

29.Cleveland Cavaliers(28): I have no idea what this team is doing.

New York Knicks

28.New York Knicks(26):Sell the Knicks Dolan.

Phoenix Suns

27.Phoenix Suns(29):Kelly Oubre is really showing his affection to Boston.

Washington Wizards

26.Washington Wizards(25):Tomas Bryant is a shimmer of hope in this locker room.

Atlanta Hawks

25.Atlanta Hawks(27): Improvements.

Orlando Magic

24.Orlando Magic(21): I still wonder why this team still exist.

New Orleans Pelicans

23.New Orleans Pelicans(18): Antony Davis, GET OUT!!!

Minnesota Timberwolves

22.Minnesota Timberwolves(22): That elite shoe defense is the new way Taj Gibson.

Brooklyn Nets

21.Brooklyn Nets(23): Jarrett Allen is the eighth person to ever block Lebron James in history.

Utah Jazz

20.Utah Jazz(19):The Jazz aren’t bad the west is just to good.

Charlotte Hornets

19.Charlotte Hornets(20): A ton of Ls.

Dallas Mavericks

18.Dallas Mavericks(13): Luka Doncic is now my favorite player in the league.

Detroit Pistons

17.Detroit Pistons(16): They should just give up. But they have no choice.

Miami Heat

16.Miami Heat(24): Dion Waiters is coming back!!!

Memphis Grizzlies

15.Memphis Grizzlies(11):Jarett Jackson Jr is very underrated.

San Antonio Spurs

14.San Antonio Spurs(17):Lonnie Walker is back.

Sacramento Kings

13.Sacramento Kings(15): That three man pump fake thought.

Portland Trail Blazers

12.Portland Trail Blazers(12): This team is literary the same team as last year.

Boston Celtics

11.Boston Celtics(8): Flex on them Jaylen Brown.

Houston Rockets

10.Houston Rockets: That step back was so far back looked like a two step.

LA Clippers

9.LA Clippers(6): Doc Rivers has fallen!!!

Indiana Pacers

8.Indiana Pacers(10): I say this every week but this is without a doubt the most underrated team in the league.

Los Angeles Lakers

7.Los Angeles Lakers(7): Will the Laker trade Ingram or nah?

Philadelphia 76ers

6.Philadelphia 76ers:(9): Ben Simmons was just trying to talk to a fan ref.

Milwaukee Bucks

5.Milwaukee Bucks(4): Its Giannis vs everybody.

Oklahoma City Thunder

4.Oklahoma City Thunder(5): Paul George is officially a MVP candidate.

Toronto Raptors

3.Toronto Raptors(3): Fun Fact:Raptors have same record as last year after 35 games.

Golden State Warriors

2.Golden State Warriors(1): I just realized DeMarcus Cousins is coming back soon(After seeing that Cousins dunk over Kevin Durant in a game)

Denver Nuggets

1.Denver Nuggets(2): This team when healthy is the best team in the league.

Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!

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