W.W.A. #3 |Rem of Re:Zero

This girl is without a doubt. The number one girl in my list. She is someone that I put above everyone else for a lot of reasons. I can go for pages and pages on how Rem is a perfect women. But i’ll just put it in three simple reasons for now.

She Is A Ten In Every Department

Now I’m going say this time and time again. But blue hair girls are my weakness. So her hair alone is a ten. She has the chest so an automatic ten. And the cakes that we have not gotten enough of are a ten. Also her personality is without a doubt one of the best personalities for a wife behind Holo in anime history. But just look at these pictures. She is just a ten out of ten in all departments. Most of you will disagree. But she is just perfect.

If She Loves You She Will Love You With Her Whole Body And Soul

We all know episode 15 of Re:Zero. If you haven’t go watch it. Cause if a women does that for you. You marry her. No questions asked you marry her in a instanced. Unless you are a Subaru(A Bitch).

She Is Just The Definition Of The Perfect Wife

She is some one that you take home to your parents. She has been a maid her whole life. So she can cook some good food, clean, and take care of the ten kids you will have with her. Cause you will not pull out of that demonic pussy beautiful creature. She is someone that you will love with your full heart of hearts. And I know I sound condescending. Along with the main reason I made this was to gush about Rem. But I don’t give a fuck.

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