My Top 5 Chapters of Grand Blue of 2018.

Another year of Grand Blue equals another year of that Kimitake Yoshioka artwork. Along with the amazing story by Kenji Inoue. We started this year of Grand Blue with chilling at an inhabitable island to ending the year with fucking hentai games. To also reveal with a new contender for best girl in Corina. Who was a top three character this year for me. This year was hilarious, action pack, emotional, and also very hilarious. But let me just say this manga still stand on top as my favorite manga of all time. And every chapter from 41 to 49 this year was an enjoyable ride. So here are my top five chapters of the year.

#5 Chapter 47.5: Lie Detector

We only got two half chapters this year. But this chapter was just that classical Tom and Jerry like humor. But this chapter just gave me one major question that I hope is answered in 2019. The main question I have is who was Iori’s girlfriend in high school. Cause I don’t think you just throw that in without some further explanation in the future. But this overall chapter was just a pure comedy chapter with the best of friends. Also the way the teacher entered the classroom was just hilarious.

#4 Chapter 45: Now Were Even

Now this chapter wasn’t the funniest of the year by a long shot. But this chapter was one of the most developed chapters for Iori and Chisa’s relationship in the whole series. But without a doubt this chapter made me like Chisa a lot more than I did in earlier chapters. In addition the first joke in the chapter with Nanaka straight murdering Iori was just hilarious.

#3 Chapter 44: Life Consultation

This chapter is just a classic chapter with the guys. One that they consult their problems. And there is back and forth. But the main reason I put this chapter this high is because it had the one of the greatest panels in the series with Yuu’s girlfriend Rei is about to murder him. He proposes to her. And her face has this grin in the end and says “good boy”. I just fell on the floor laughing non stop. This was one of my favorite pages in the whole series without a doubt.

#2 Chapter 49: Hentai

This chapter. This fucking chapter was a great way to end the year of Grand Blue. With the panel of Iori and the porn game. Which was amazing by itself. But then there was the introduction to a new contender for the best girl crown Corina. Corina and her true side was a highlight in this year. Without a about she was a top three character of the year. And for someone to make Iori’s sister change her mind about the passports in an instance is a girl that I approve of for Iori.

#1 Chapter 42: Let’s Have Fun On An Inhabited Island.

This chapter was just perfect. From the artwork to the jokes, and the overall enjoyment of the chapter. Along with that, this was also the chapter that Crunchyroll pickup the series for the first time. And with this chapter, everything hit. From the beginning with the interactions. To the competitions and games they played. To even when Sakuraka found out that Iori was “dating” Chisa. Then her making Chisa jealous and make her play that crazy game of Russian Mary. That was a just insane. Especially with Chisa “confessing” to Nanaka to make her cry in tears. And the finally of the chapter. When Iori does the anime thing and walks into Chisa naked in a beautifully drawn picture of Chisa’s cakes. This chapter was the definition of greatness.


But in the end I love this series to the fullest. But if you think my list is or isn’t the best then comment why. Subscribe and get notified if you want to see monthly chapters reviews starting in January. Along with many other things about manga, anime, and sports. Hope you guys have a happy new year.

3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Chapters of Grand Blue of 2018.

  1. Chapter 42 was truly the best! I dont know why but I always love the chapters where they are somewhere else. Like with Okinawa, the island here and (soon) probably Palau aswell.


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