Top 20 Manga as of 2018

This is my always changing list of my top manga in the world. There is still plenty of manga that I have not read. Along with many manga that are new and coming out of nowhere. I hope to have read more of the classics next year. But to the list here are my personal top 20 manga of the 2018 year.

#20 Bleach

This series is still a colt classic. While not having the greatest ending in the world. I still had a hell of an enjoyment reading this series. Even though it had that bullshit ending.

#19 The Promise Neverland

The Promise Neverland is getting an anime in January 2019. And its first arc is a Soul Society level masterpiece of an introduction arc. It has the elements of love, lost, and the intense game of the minds. It is something that has a great story and has an end game that I am excited for.

#18 Dr.Stone

This is a very underrated manga. This story is something that I believe will become part of the new big three of jump. I also expect this series to surpass Sun Ken Rock when its all said and done. This story is an amazing story so if you haven’t read it what are you doing.

#17 One Punch Man

This is one of those manga that are just a masterpiece with no negatives. Except that I haven’t completed it yet.

#16 Trail of Blood

This manga is by my second favorite mangaka in the industry. And its not even one my favorite of his works.

#15 Naruto

This is just something I read as a kid and completed. And its the reason I got into anime and manga culture.

#14 Monster

One of the greatest villains in manga history. This is just a really great read overall.

#13 Happiness

The vampire concept has been over used to hell. But its still damn enjoyable.

#12 Aka No Hana

Shūzō Oshimi is someone I really enjoy to the max.

#11 Dead Tube

This is fucked up. But its enjoyable as hell.

#10 Sun Ken Rock

The second greatest artwork in manga I have ever seen.

#9 To Love Ru/To Love Ru Darkness

This manga is just the ultimate guilty pleasure.

#8 Food Wars 

Now this is about food and a lot of ecchi . And the cast of characters are amazing.

#7 Vagabond

Hands down the greatest artwork in manga history.

#6 Slam Dunk

This manga is something that I hold close to my heart.

#5 Berserk

One of the most developed stories that I have ever read. This was my number 2 for the longest. But the breaks have gave it a large drop.

#4 Vinland Saga

Thorfinn is in my top five favorite characters of all time. And his journey to Vinland a breath taking journey.

#3 One Piece

There have been very few series to make my cry. And One Piece is one of those series.

#2 Kingdom

This is war. And the way it is potrayed in this manga is just breathtaking. Having one of the greatest arcs in manga history in the coillation army arc.

#1 Grand Blue

This manga isn’t the best in the action department. Not the best in art department. But in the end the story this is the greatest manga of all time. Cause it has a great story with some insane comedy.

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