Grand Blue Chapter 50: “Reunion” Review

I just want to start with my appreciation of another year of that Grand Blue greatness. I am also joyed that we are starting the new year with a new arc to Palau. With this new year it’s time for the Iori and the freshman crew to be get more development. Chisa to certify her placement as my new best girl. Along with whole new arc of craziest, heart teasing, and of course diving(drinking). So lets talk some Grand Blue.

On a little somber note: With this new year and the final party of the senpais. It’s time for the Iori and the freshman crew to be get more development. Which is very sad to see. Cause the further we go into the story. We might be seeing less and less of best girl Asuza along with the best duo of Toki and Kitaboki.

The Travel to Palau

Best Panel of the Chapter

The trio of Iori, Chisa, and Kohei are off to Palau and I just really enjoy the segments with them on the plane. With Kohei trying to hoard some very illegal loli hentai wholesome videos and books. Then getting it taken away by Iori. To then Iori buying some of that Guam porn diving magazines. Then getting it taken away by Chisa on the second stop. To then end on a very nice panel of the three of them sleeping on the plane. I really enjoy that panel which was also my personal favorite chapter. Cause it just show Chisa’s development with Iori and Kohei rubbing off on her. Cause she was never that relaxed with them from the start. But now I feel that she is just an overall more chill character. But the overall whole travel sequence was just enjoyable. To them find a girl with a sign that says Dolphin.


MVP of the Chapter

I just want to say welcome back to the craziest drunk in Grand Blue, Aina
Yoshiwara AKA Cakey. And she has came back with plot? I didn’t even noticed it until Iori and Kohei pointed out. But the part when the plot of Cakey went droopy and when Chisa of all people asked about them in a not so sudden way. But then she acted like it all normal and put that shit right back in place. That part got me laughing the most in this chapter. I wonder how long until she reverts back to good old flat Aina is back. But I am just overall happy that she is back. And also within this arc.

Joke of the Chapter

Palau and Chisa’s Mother

New Location: Dolphin Palau Branch

I just want to say that the place that they are staying at is amazing. Sometimes I just wish it was easy to get a house at that size in college. But the thing that shocked me the most this chapter was the reveal of Chisa’s mother very early. She was getting foreshadowed for a couple of chapters. But her introduction with her putting a lollipop in the crew’s mouths was unexpected. Which makes me really curious about her character. Is she another crazy Nanaka or someone serious. And the most important thing is her relation to Chisa. Cause her in this chapter had two very weird expressions when talking about her mother.


Chisa’s Hot Tan Mom

In conclusion, I’m happy Grand Blue is back for another year. But the number one thing that I am curious about is what they will do in a whole other country. Along with a smaller cast. How will they carry this arc? But I have faith in the duo of the author and artist. So I hope you enjoyed my first ever review of Grand Blue. And I am open to hear any criticism about the review. And also what were your thoughts about the chapter? Thanks for reading and if you are interested in more hit that sub button on the right for Grand Blue and sake.

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