My Current Manga Collection | January 2019

This is my current manga collection as of January 9th, 2018. I just started school so post will be coming out less. But before I am stuck in the books. I though of sharing my collection of 160 plus manga. So here it is. Starting with a full bookshelves of my collection.

My Full Collection (2 Pics)

Spice & Wolf (20 Volumes)

This was the first series I ever purchased with my own money and I still enjoy every chapter of this series to the fullest.

Grand Blue (3 Volumes)

My favorite manga of history of manga. It’s funny as hell and the characters are the best.

Happiness (1 Volume)

This manga is one of the most underrated in the industry. This is without a doubt the second best vampire base manga in the industry.

Vagabond (6 Volumes)

The greatest artwork in fiction.

Planetes (2 Volumes)

Haven’t read it yet but it was made by the creator of Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga (10 Omnibus)

This manga is one of those rare masterpieces.

Food Wars (28 Volumes)

The true first manga I collected. It is still without a doubt enjoyable.

One Punch Man (4 Volumes)

This manga is something that I should read more.

Slam Dunk (1 Amazing Volume)

This is the final volume to a near masterpiece. While also being one of the three greats of Takehiko Inoue. 

The Promised Neverland (1 Volume)

This manga has the  greatest first arc in the history of manga.  

Dr.Stone(1 Volume)

This manga is something I put ABOVE Boku No  Hero.

One Piece (23.5 Volumes)

This manga is one of those that I may never complete until 2065.

Bakuman(20.5 Volumes)

I recently got the box set  to this and boy this  is something great.

Wotakoi (3 Omnibus)

One of the greatest couples in the history of manga.

Solanin (1 Omnibus)

This is a single volume  that feels like reading a  movie.

Monster (9 Perfect Omnibus)

The twist and turns in  Monster is on another level. With a great ending.

Overlord (1 Light Novel)

I picked it up because of the anime and still haven’t read it. But the anime is  still great.

No Game No Life (3 Light Novels)

One of my favorite light  novels and animes of all  time.

Berserk (8 Volumes)

This would be my favorite manga of all time. If the hiatuses weren’t so long. But this is still a  legendary manga.

The Ancient Magus Bride (2 Volumes)

This is a manga that I purchase on a hype train. But I just never read volume 2.

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl (1 Volume)

A 4 panel manga that is just hilarious.

Made in Abyss (2 Volumes)

A great manga, that is  very underrated. About  going deep.

To Love Ru (5 Omnibus)

The pioneer of the echhi genre. With the greatest  girls in history.

To Love Ru Darkness (7 Volumes)

This is the more ecchi  version of the pioneer.

Thanks For Reading If You Made It This Far!

I don’t really have a proper conclusion. So here is a palm tree.

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