The Promised Neverland Episode 1 Reaction “101245”

I am just gonna say this right now. The anime is better than the manga without a doubt. As long as they dont rush the series and stay true to the manga. They can’t do anything wrong. But let’s talk about the the promise neverland episode 1. The title of the episode to begin with was very clever. Making it look like a number of the crew. But it actually being the date that Connie gets axed. Props to the anime staff for that.

The Animation

From top to bottom they executed the whole first chapter of the manga beautifully. Especially when it came to the demons. Most studios would just be lazy and make the beast or anything unhuman. But they made the demons in that 2D animation. With the cuts they did in this episode. I just have to give the anime director a sake award.

The Music

But what really hooked me to the anime was the music. From the opening that was amazing. To the ending song that the mom was singing. Along with the cut of the music in the end. It made my favorite manga ten times better.

The Story

I know how great the story will be. But what really got me is how the executed it. It was a a faithful adaptation and that is all that I can ask for.


This anime is a ten out of ten in the first episode. Most likely the best first episode of the anime season. While also being my pick for anime of the season. Not only that but also being my anime of the year pick (if One Pun Man new staff doesn’t do the first season justice). But if you like my reaction like the post. If you want more sub on the right. And if you want to share your thoughts on the first episode comment below.

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