I’M BACK!!! (Along With Big News for the Blog)

I just want to say first of all I apologized for my long absents. I was in a trap in a unbalanced in time between the new anime season, college, work, and just overall procrastination. But, I made a new year resolution that I would be more active on this blog this year and I am sticking to it. With at least two posts a week staring tomorrow. Along with many manga recommendations, best girl rants, seasonal anime talk, and trust me there is more. Also the big news that I have been withholding is something that I have been working on for a while. Which is the To Love Ru Project coming next month. I won’t say the date or anything else about it yet. But just know that this will be my biggest project to date. I will be coming out with a lot next month. I am now in a place where I can balance everything. So get ready cause you will be entertained.


Author: Dez Polycarpe

An A&M Guy. Head of the Saké Clan.

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