WINTER 2019|MANGA HAUL|Sustain The Industry

Another season has pasted by. Along with that another manga haul has arrived. Christmas and Thanksgiving came to me in mangas. So I hope you enjoy the manga haul of 40 volumes.

Planetes – Makoto Yukimura

This manga is made by the creator of the near masterpiece Vinland Saga. So I had to pick it up. I was waiting to read it when I got the second volume. Now I can cause this is the second and final volume in the series.

Vagabond – Takehiko Inoue

This manga is just another greatly drawn volume of the greatest drawn manga in the history of manga.

Gintama – Hideaki Sorachi

I bought this fresh off the Shogun Assassination Arc. Gintoki is the greatest anime protagonist in anime. This series will always be underrated. But without a doubt this is my favorite anime. I love this series so much and I can talk about it all day. But Gin is telling me to stop and go on to the ecchi stuff.

To Love Ru Darkness – Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki

This manga is ecchi trash and I continue to love it.

High School Of The Dead – Daisuke Satō and Shōji Satō

This is within my personal big three of the harem genre. This has also became the most expensive mangas in my collection. But it’s all worth it for the late mangaka of this masterpiece of a series.

Food Wars – Yūto Tsukuda, Shun Saeki, and Yuki Morisaki 

This is the first manga I collected. That I still enjoy it to this day. Along with the latest arc be a twist. I wonder how the series will go.

Berserk Guidebook – Kentaro Miura

It’s Berserk. Nothing to say but greatness. While also this is a rare to see guidebook.

Slam Dunk – Takehiko Inoue

This series is a near masterpiece. This also has one of the greatest final games in manga.

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl – Fumita Yanagida

I accidentally bought 2 of these manga. So I am gonna give one to a family member randomly.

Wotakoi – Fujita

This manga is just a really good and relatable manga to me. The characters are amazing. And it’s just a anime to you can relate to.

Kaguya-Sama Love is War – Aka Akasaka

Kaguya-Sama is one of the greatest romantic comedy in the game. With the 2nd best anime of the 2019 winter season. The manga is a great compliment to it. I wanted more of this series. But it was sold out! It’s that good of a series I guess.

Bakuman – Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

I picked up the box set for this due to the series having high praises. With the creators for it also made Death Note. I am also already 4 volumes in and it’s worth the hype.

Grand Blue – Kenji Inoue and Kimitake Yoshioka

I just want to say this is without a doubt the best manga out there. The comedy is a 10. The characters are a 10. And the story is a 10. If you haven’t read this go read it cause its a fucking masterpiece.

Well I hope you enjoyed my manga haul I be back in April for a spring haul. Thanks for reading if you like this and want to see Grand Blue Reviews, Manga Recommendations, and other things then subscribed to the right. Thanks for all the support!

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