Grand Blue Chapter 51: “The Sea Of Palau” Review

First of all, I want to thank the Grand Blue subreddit community for viewing my post. Which is now the most viewed post on my blog with over 650 views on that post alone. I hope to strive more with the next chapter and more. But the main reason I am here is to talk about another chapter of that Grand Blue greatness. So let go!

Dolphin Introduction

Let’s start with the introduction to Dolphin. The staff overall has a lot of potential for the story. Based off there first impressions alone, and speaking of first impressions. When they got information about the Kohei and Iori from the uncle. It wasn’t the best first. But I was lowkey happy. Cause the uncle isn’t in the story that much. Even if it just a mention. I still enjoy the man who brought together the craziest group of students. Also a curious question, when and where did he get that picture of Iori and Kohei. And I know that there are comfy nude. But come on they are way too relax.

The Best Costumers

Joke of the Chapter: Bad Costumers

The joke of the chapter was close between Cakey’s horrible pads and the acting normal in front of the outrageous costumers. With Iori being pregnant and Kohei being Kohei. But I was laughing along with Maki win Cakey went full cake mode. But the whole acting normal panels was funny. Cause Maki just couldn’t.

Chisa & Her Mom

I am really interested in this relationship between Chisa and her mother. My theory is that the mother is someone that always wants perfection. And with Chisa she pushes that perfection towards her a lot. But Chisa is someone that is quiet and never really responds to her mothers pressures that much. With that she has resentment for herself. That’s just my theory, but there is something about that relationship. Something that I hope they touch on alot more.

Cakey’s Is STUFFED with Emotions

Cakey is trying to impress somebody. But I wonder who would that be. Due to her knowing that Iori’s type is Asuza/Nanaka type body with huge personalities. And her really having a ton of admiration for Iori. I wonder who it can be.

But all sarcasm aside. I wonder how this will play out. Cause Iori has many girls in his dense mind. With Aina fighting for the throne. But they are the most realistic to be a couple in the series. One that is not family (even though they made it very clear that Chisa and Iori are not blood related family). But the relations between Cakey and Iori in this series are really good. And I hope their chemistry gets somewhere.


Panel of the Chapter: Diving Panel

It’s rare to see chapters with the focus on it being diving. And when we see chapters with diving I believe that it’s Yoshioka best work as an artist. With the scenery of underwater is out of this world. But the diving in this chapter is amazing. Making me one day want to do it. I wont touch on the diving much but just know it is breath-taking.

That Cliff Hanger Doe.

MVP of the Chapter: Serious Kohei

I just want to say that this cliff hanger can go in many directions. It can be the most serious Kohei can be in the series ever. OR they can turn the tables and have Kohei ask her for some device to play anime on. But I am kinda salty on this cliffhanger cause I have to wait a whole month for the next chapter.

But I am glad the chapter came early this month. I want to thank Crunchyroll for legalizing this masterpiece of a manga. I will see you all next month if you still like my content. Their is a sub on the left if you want to read Grand Blue content and more. Comment below if you have anything to say about the series. And thank for reading!

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