TLRP: Number 18 ” Tearju Lunatique”

Now I want to say first off thank you for reading this if you are. I love this series to the bottom of my heart. I hope that you enjoy each character profile. While also kind of agreeing to the rankings I made for the girls. Except for Tearju Fans who are already dropping this series after seeing her ranking. Somebody sadly had to be at the bottom, but just know all 18 girls in this series are wife material. Now without further a do I will go in very detail of the 18th best girl, the mad scientist (In Black Cat) Tearju Lunatique.


Tearju Lunatique is the mother figure and clone of Yami. She is a genius in biotechnology and has been ever since she was a teen. Thus making her one of the smartest people in the To Love Ru franchise. She is also a Pieces who I believe is currently at the age of 27 (estimate based on black cat). Her three sizes are B96-W56-H90 which gives her the most stacked body in the series. She is a kind person while also being a cults. If you think about it you can say that she is a pre-MILF version of Rito.

But a little on her past. She is indeed an alien. As she was close friends with Ryoko Mikado in school and is still to this day. Their relationship is something good that I will save for the Doc’s profile. She also took care of Yami until they were taken away from one another.

My Favorite Chapter of Her

My personal favorite chapter of her was her first full chapter. Chapter 15 of Darkness. Cause it shows that nobody is safe from Rito’s grasp. I was the most developed chapter for her. While also being the first charpter that reaveals her full assets. I just overall enjoyed the

Her 2K Rating : 70 Overall

This is a ranking. So if you are wondering how I did it. I just used a basic 2k rating from 0 to 99+. But If you are wondering why she is so low rating wise. Is due to her not getting a lot of screen time. Along with development besides here entrance to the series. Plus later in the series just became a fan service tool. I know saying that in this type of series is saying a lot. But I feel like that she was just got that extreme Lala treatment in the later series. But trust me when. It comes to the outside she is top 2 in the series.

For the Future

I hope that I the next To Love Ru series. That she along with another certain milf get’s a little more screen time. Like how Yui, Risa, and other non main characters in darkness got dedicated chapters. One that is focus on them and Rito. Plus we need to learn more about future member of harem.


I know that this was kind of short. But the higher I get in the list the more I have to talk about. But trust me that if Tearju walked on a random street. She would get that principal treatment. But I just wanted to again thank you for reading this. I will hope to continue this passion project to the fullest and get better at this series.

Preview For The Next Girl

“She hot!”

TLR Number 17

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