TLRP: Number 17 “Kirisaki Kyōko”

This girl is on fire. When I say that I mean she is on fire literally and figurately. Cause she will set you on fire. Also, she might be the most popular female on Earth that Rito has accumulated into his harem. So here is Number 17 Kirisaki Kyoko.


Kyoko is a half-alien, one of the only ones in the series. Making her one of the most unique characters in the series. She was born and raised on earth with one of her parents being from the planet Flame. Which the race has the ability to control fire. Along with the ability to be resistance to it.

Kyoko is a kind soul that can be playful at times. Along with being a famous idol, actress, singer, and more on Earth. She is the star of Lala’s favorite show of Magical Kyoko.

Along on that show with her is her closet friend Run. At first, Run didn’t enjoy her company. But later after getting to know one another the two became great friends. So good friends that Kyoko would go undercover to find out facts about Run’s love Rito. But then ended up falling for him upon first meetings.

Favorite Moments

My favorite moments with her is the ones that she goes undercover at the high school. The situation that she ends up with Rito is just unreal. Plus you get to see her playful side with her shy side as well.

2k Rating: 81 Overall

She is without a doubt a near perfect wife. She is someone that you can chill with at home. Along with a great personality to accommodate that. She is considered as the most beautiful girl on earth to the average person. When she puts on the glasses she an 11 in cuteness and without glasses, she is an 11 in hotness.

Why I Put Her Here

If she was in any other series she would had definitely been top 5 girl. Maybe even number one. But because of the quality and quantity of girls in this series. She is this low. Along with the rare number of appearances that she has. But she is defiantly one of the more unique girls in the series.

For The Future

For the future of the series, I hope that she has more interactions with the other girls of the series. There are many interactions that I hope that she will have besides just Rito and Run. But I hope in this final series when it eventually comes out in 100 years. That she is more on an equal playing field with the other girls.


She is a queen at the end of the day. The most popular girl on the planet. While also being an original from To Love Ru. Even if it was just on television and fake gameplay. But always remember not to get too ecchi around her cause she is really hot. So you might catch on fire.

Hint For The Next Girl

“The most loyal in the series?”

TLR Number 16

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