TLRP: Number 16 “Kujou Rin”

Two in one week. I starting to have a lot of fun with this series now. Now we are about to jump up to the top 15. The order towards the top are gonna get a little more interesting. So without further ado let’s go. This time it’s the most loyal girl in the To Love Ru franchise. Saki’s bodyguard Kujou Rin.


Rin Kujou is Saki’s personal bodyguard and closets friend. They have been close since they have met as childern. She acts emotionless at times. But when she gets close to that guy she has a little more than just one emotion. As Saki’s personal bodyguard, she is a skilled swordsman. She can be seen with a sword almost every non-school chapter that she is in. As part of Saki’s trio, she is the one that likes Rito the most. Her three sizes are B86-W60-H86.

Trouble Fact: Her name “Rin” means awesome.

Favorite Moments

When the darkness series came, the duo gave her character some of the most development in the series. The chapters where she was alone with Rito where some of the better chapters in Darkness. But chapter 33 of Darkness was my all time favorite chapter with her.

2k Rating: 81

I want to reiterate that she is the most loyal girl in the series. If you were to be with her, she can be soulless and cold at first. But when she warms up to you. She can be one of the most chill girls in the series. While being with you for the long hall. She is also pretty strong for a human. A plus for her is her relationship with Saki. Cause there conversations about love are some of my favorites interactions the series.

She is just one of those girls who would easily be a perfect wife. Out of all the girls in this series, she might be the most real girl with you. When she doesn’t put on that cool demeter she can be one of the cutest girls in the series.

I just want one to point out something that I might only think. But the first time I saw her character. I thought seriously for a good 60 seconds that she was Yui. It might be only me that thinks that. But I just want to put that out there.

Her Future

I feel like her character is near complete. All she needs for the future of the series is to confess to her future husband. But one thing I lowkey want her to do if possible(WARNING EXTREME HEAD CANNON). When Rito and the gang go against the universe for the harem king title. I hope that Rin gets another alien sword and masters it.


But thanks again for reading this again of you are. If you want instance alerts for the top 15, Sub on the left. If you like the post leave a like. If you think Rin to low or high leave a comment.

Extra Note: I will try to ramp it up with the list speed with at least 2-3 a week. I want to make each post better as we go up the list. So I will start with better hints in the top 15. I know for sure that a lot of you won’t know who the next the girl is.

Hint for The Next Girl

“A older girl in Rito’s harem, while also being good with medicine”

TLRP Girl Number 15


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