This is something new that I’m doing at the beginning of each month. I wanted to talk about what to expect of the blog in the current month. This will help me stay motivated to keep posting and not procrastinating every day. So here is my future post for March with no set schedule.

Post of March

Grand Blue 52 Review: My favorite manga in the history of manga. Is something that I will always talk about. Especially the troll we are probably gonna get.

To Love Ru Project (TLRP): Trying my best to drop 2 to 3 videos a week. On Mondays and Wednesday for sure every week.

Manga Recommendation: Probably to talk about some random ass manga that I enjoy. In the similar style of the Sun-Ken Rock post.

Early Spring Manga Haul Aka Spring 2019 Manga Haul Part 1: I recently been reading a lot of manga. Along with that I have been buying a lot of manga. So I will have to split up my haul into 2-3 parts. Due to the massive haul of manga, I acquired before March 31st.

I will talk about the greatest manga edition to ever to be published in America.

My Top Seasonal Anime of Winter 2019

Top Upcoming Anime of Spring 2019

I decided to give Boogiepop another chance…

A masterpiece called “A Place Further than The Universe”

Something Gintama related.

Top of the Month

I also wanted to talk about the best of the month. Staring with the anime, girl, and quote of the month all coming from “A Place Further Than The Universe”. That anime had a huge effect on me. But I will save that for a post later in the day. Then for manga of the month, I gave it to To Love Ru. Due to reading the series non-stop for a week. I had to give it a shoutout.


These are all the titles that I will drop this month. Plus anything extra like if I get addicted to some new manga or anime. Along with that, I will continue hope to improve on my writing skills. Along with my knowledge of anime and manga. I will also this month revamp my Instagram to get my blog more out there. So get ready for a minimum of 17 posts this month which is double the 7 I usually make.

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