TLRP: Number 15 “Masamune Shizu (Oshizu)”

Probably nobody thought that when I made the hint
“An older girl in Rito’s harem, while also being good with medicine” that it was Oshizu. You probably thought of another certain doctor. But, I meant the oldest girl in the series. So without further ado. Here is “ghost bae” Oshizu.


Oshizu is the oldest girl in the series a the prime age of 416 years young. She was introduced in the original series as a ghost. One that would later become very good friends with Haruna. Then later within the original series with the help of Ryoko Mikado, she was given a prosthetic body in order to be with everyone at the school. The body is basically real for ecchi plot purposes. But as of now she is working for and living with Dr. Mikado as a nurse assistant at the school. She is also attending the school as of now, along with that comes the craziest of Rito’s attack. She has been familiar with that for a good minute as being with the series since chapter 56 of the original manga.

Also with going to the past where she originated from 400 years ago. Shows that she has the darkest backstory in the series. Cause 400 years ago in her time, was not pretty in the slightest. People in her land were dying of starvation due to the drought. A drought so bad that Oshizu got fucking sacrificed for rain. To then had to live in solitude for not 1, not 10, not 50, or even 100. But she had to live in solitude for 400 fucking years. Giving her the most tragic backstory in the series.

But after all of that. I am happy that she is away from all of that. Giving her the world of friends like Haruna and Dr. Mikado. She is always sweet to everybody. While being really afraid of dogs. She has an array of powers from flying to removing women’s clothing. Her 3 sizes are

Fun Fact: Her name “Shizu” means quiet.

Favorite Moments

I got two times when she shines. One is when she is ever close to a dog. And the other is when she is with Mea. Since after she found out her secret. She was getting teased by her ever since. Due to her showing her true self to her. So even though she is suffering in both those instances. That’s when she is at her best.

2k Rating: 82 Overall

She is just that girl. When she was introduced I thought she was just gonna be a one time character. But, I was glad that she became reassuring. Mainly due to her coming in the clutch a lot of times in Darkness. She is a great wife candidate solely based on her potential teachings from Mikado.

Along with the fact that she has the powers to make everyone’s clothes fall off at will. She is just amazing. Along with that black/blue hair of hers. She is a queen of this series.

Her Future

For her further in the series. I hope that Mea and she have more interactions. Cause the way that Mea teases her is funny. But more importantly, is how will she act when she gets more alone time with Rito. Cause you know she has been with Mikado this whole time. So who knows what she has learned.


This one was really fun to make. It’s also kind of funny cause I have been seeing her picture a lot lately too. Due to her being on the cover of both of the TLR and TLR Darkness covers. So thank you for reading if you made it here. If you got anything to about say about ghost bae Oshizu leave a comment. If you like the post and want to see more there is a sub on the left. Also, it’s free! Follow my Instagram @SakeDez cause I want to start building that too. Okay, enough selling out for one day. So on to the hint for next time.

Hint for the Next Girl

“A royal alien”

TLRP Girl Number 14

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