TLRP: Number 14 “Nana Astar Deviluke”

I already know I am gonna get hate for this. But flat isn’t always justice. It’s time for the number one tsundere in the whole series. The girl with the whole land of Madagascar in her phone. Let us talk about to the second princess of Deviluke Nana Astar Deviluke.


Nana is the second princess of the planet Deviluke. She has the ability to understand and talk to animals. Along with that she has a whole zoo with her at all times in her other dimension. Out of all the girls in the series, she earns the award for cruelest girl towards Rito. With that baka mentality she is always one of the first to hit Rito. She don’t even call Rito by his name at first, she often refers to him and his holy sword as “beast”.

Nana is the older twin sister to Momo and the younger sister to Lala. Making her the middle child of the Deviluke family. Also a burden of being the middle child or just being extremely unlucky at birth is her chest. Nana is the flattest girl within the series with her three sizes being B68-W54-H77. Which is smaller than Mikan and Celene when it’s a full moon. Momo often teases her about that. But as sisters they get back at one another by grabbing each others tails…. repetitively. But as sisters, the two are really close to one another at times. Along with Momo, she has her older sister Lala who calms them when things get too extreme.

Her friendship with Mea is one of the best of the show. Even though they are complete opposites in personality and race. They remain friends through the good and the bad times. So I can give a plus to that. She can be pretty chill most of the time. As long as you are not Rito, anyone perverted, any male, and Rito 99.99999999999% of the time.

Favorite Moments

Even though she can get annoying at times. Even I have two all time favorite moments with her. One is the chapter when she got that hug by Rito. Cause out of all chapters in the series that was one of those A1 chapter that represented real life. Another cause of this is the rare moment that Rito isn’t another harem main protagonist. Cause he actually gives Nana a hug. Then removes that baka mentally for a moment. Until she finds Momo in bed with him again.

The other time is when Nana and Momo switch bodies and she got really close to Rito. Trying to confirm that Nana would be of Rito’s taste. That was one of those little plot twist you got to enjoy every once in a while. There is a ton more moments that I enjoy about her character. But I will end it here.

Fun Fact: She is one of four characters to see Rito’s holy sword.

In Defensive of Nana

To be honest, at first I didn’t enjoy her presents in the series. Mainly due to the daily beatings that she gave Rito. But after rereading the chapters, I will say that she is a well written character when you remove the constant beating. She might be flat as a Salar de Uyuni but, she still has time to develop 3/4 of a A cup. Also if you think she is too low. Then that’s all you.

2k Rating: 84 Overall

She can be comedic at times when she gets embarrass. Even so, she is also one of the rare girls to get Rito to man up. So she gets some points on that alone. As a wife the you really don’t know what you will get with her. She still act like a child from time to time. So she still has potential to become a top 5 girl.

To be honest, if she had a chest personality the size of Lala or Yui. She would probably be top 3. JK.

Her Future

For her future of the series I just hope that she just matures a little more. I hope she admits that she has feeling for Rito also. With that I hope she is less abusive cause ever since she been in the series, she has just been plain killing Rito. Also just cut that baka mentally to a half and lower that tsundere to Yui level original series. he last thing I hope for is just a little more volume. Like just have some random ass arc where she drink some alien milk. Then she is permanently a b cup. That’s all I need.


I am happy I reread the chapters instead of going in blind. Cause before that reread, I was probably gonna put her at 17 or 18. But, man she did a lot for this series. I didn’t even go in detail about her abilities and other interactions. But thanks for reading. Sub on the right if you enjoyed my profile and want to be the first to read the next one. While also getting some other A&M content. Leave a comment if it was too low or high. Also follow my instagram @Sakedez for some random fun. Thanks again and see ya next time.

Hint for the Next Girl

” An alien that has more that three times the breast size than Nana.”

TLRP Girl Number 13

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