My Top 3 Side Characters In Grand Blue(2019)

While the author Kimiake Yoshioka is out sick for the month. I decided to talk about my favorite side characters in the series. I will put them in no particular order. Cause this series has to many lovable characters that it would take months of research with a super computer powered by oolong tea just to rank them. So I will put my top three favorite side characters at the moment. This list will change probably tomorrow or even a hour from now. But here are my top three characters that are not in the Pee-A-Boo diving club.

Rie Oohashi

At first glance she seem so innocent. But man, Kenji Inoue knows how to turned turn some of these characters into comedy gold. Cause when you see her crazy ass for the first time you just want to see more. Then you read chapter 44 with her in it. You get to see that masterpiece of a panel with her saying “good boy”.

Assistant Professor Ushironomiya

I don’t know why, but every time I see this asshole. It is just a fun time for me. While that, it is also being a horrible time for Kohei and Iori. But this character and his assholeness is just a a joy to have in the series. Just remember he is an assistant and not an official professor in the series. No matter how mush power he has. He is an assistant and I can not wait for the next chapter he is in.

Sakurako Busujima

She is just one of those rare females in the world. She is a lolicon, a bitch, and of course a drunk. Her interactions with Iori is one of the best in the series. Its like they are like a ex couple that is always bickering but still love one another. Plus she made Iori so serious for a chapter that they named the chapter “Serious”. Even thought she isn’t top three best girl in the series, she is a top three side characters.


I hope that Kimitake is feeling better. Cause his artwork is some of the most underrated in artwork in the industry. Also I don’t know why I don’t talk about this series more often. But for next chapter, all I hope for is that Kohei don’t troll us with his question.

But I wanna ask if you do have one. Who is your favorite side character or main character if you have one. But sub if you want monthly Grand Blue content and more.

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