TLRP: Number 12 ” Mea Kurosaki “

Time to talk about someone that has been in Rito’s mind lately. Someone that can you can literately not lie to cause she can read your mind. A transformation weapon alien that is a natural born killer and one of three in the series. Let us talk about the chill psycho, Mea Kurosaki.


Mea is a second generation weapon alien and one of only three in the series. As a second gen weapon she has the ability to read minds of people, transform parts of her body into weapons of mass destruction, and grow her breast into multiple sizes. As one of the last weapons of the Project Eve association she was sent away before its destruction. She was then founded by Nemesis in a destroyed life pod. She was raised by Nemesis to become a weapon for killing. With the help of Nemesis teachings she became a bounty hunter in space. Due to her teachings Mea is most loyal Nemesis. So much that she will take her word as law and even in betrayal of Nemesis she still follows her to the ends of the earth. Which to me makes her the most loyal girl in the series. The main reason for her arrival was to meet her older sister Yami and bring her back to her old killer self.

As she came to earth, in search for her older sister Yami. She met Nana, a person that she became best friends over her stay at earth. They might be complete opposites in personality. But their friendship is something that you really cannot describe in words. Also her interactions with Shizu is amazing.

She can be pretty laid back at times. With that she is kind to all people and always showing a smile. She is always enjoying if anything perverted happens which is always a plus. But if you get at her bad side, she might end up killing you… literally.

Favorite Moment

She has plenty of great chapters and episodes in the series. She also comes in clutch a lot in the series. She even has an very emotional moment in the series. But my all time favorite moment is her first meeting with Rito, in his mind. Replaying one of the greatest scenes in the franchise. But with her instead of Momo and she acts so chill during the whole thing.

2K Rating: 88 Overall

She is one of the most loyal girls in the series. Her loyalty to Nemesis alone can attest to that. She might have murderous intent at times. But, if there is a girl that I am ready to put my life on the life for it’s Mea. Cause she is one of the most chill girls in the whole show and a know she will get more screen time in the future or I will riot.

For the Future

I hope that we get an emotional arc with Rito and her. We already know that she likes him sexually but emotionally is something that we need to touch on. Just as Rito did to Yami he will do to her. So I hope that she gets an emotional arc with Rito. Cause her personality is without a doubt one of my personal favorites in the series. Plus I can’t get enough of this lovable, loyal, and psychopathic girl.


I am happy that I got to this one done in time. I hope that you enjoyed this one cause Mea is one of my personal favorites in the series. But I feel like Mea is one of the most underrated girls in the series. But, I want to say thanks again for reading my post. I hope that you enjoy this double header. I am trying to get TLRP #11 out by the end of this week that way I can start the top 10 during my official spring break so look out for that one during the weekend. So comment if you think its too low or high. Sub if you want to bet the first to get TLRP content and a lot more anime and manga relates topics. Until next time ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

Hint For The Next Girl

“She was a villain in the series”

TLRP Girl Number 11

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