TLRP: Number 13 “Sephie Michaela Deviluke”

I want to first apologized for the late post. I had midterms this week and I couldn’t find time to type this blog and study for my midterms. But now that I am finished with my testing and finally on spring break. It’s time to talk about the queen of the To Love Ru universe. The most beautiful women in the universe (to the people in that world), Sephie Michaela Deviluke.


Sephie Deviluke, is mother of the Deviluke princesses of Lala, Nana, and Momo. While also a mother she is the queen and wife to Gid, ruler of the universe and king of Deviluke. She is a caring person that loves all of her daughters equally and cares deeply for her husband. Even when he is trying to form his own harem. On the planet Deviluke she maintains relations and has sometimes more of a leadership role on the planet than her husband. Using her vast knowledge along with her OP husband. They together make the ultimate power couple of the universe.

Sephie is Charmain, claimed to be the most attractive species in the universe. Her beauty makes any other male species in the universe a sexual beast when they see her face no matter how much of a kind soul they are. But they are two exceptions for this being the undisputed most powerful King of Deviluke and the Milky Way Gid Deviluke and Rito the main protagonist. Sephie’s powers also include never being able to gain weight and having a voice that is so enchanting that it brings the good of people no matter how perverted.

Fun Fact: Unlike Gid and her daughters her middle name represents more of an angel than to that of a demon.

Favorite Moment

Despite the little screen and panels we see her in. Her best moment to me is without a doubt the chapter when you know Rito is gonna see her naked. They kept going in detail on how every male who sees her becomes a beast. And It’s basically law by this point for every female that is within a mile of Rito must witness his power of falling on to women. Sephie was not spared by this great power as she got trapped in a Rito fall. To then get to see all of her beauty.

2k Rating: 88 Overall

I want to say that she is the perfect wife. She is smart, intelligent, has a great personality, raised three great girls, gives Rito her blessing to have all her daughters, and a lots more. But the main thing that puts her character so high is just her beauty alone. She might have only been relavent in 3 to 5 chapters in the whole series. But she makes every chapter she is in amazing.

Her Future

For her future in the series all I hope for is some more screen time. Like give us another flashback arc with her and Gid just a full chapter. Cause if it wasn’t for the the little screen time she got in the manga and anime. She would probably be top 3 in TLRP. That is all I hope for her character. But I will be okay with her out the next series.


I want to apologized again for the delay. But when you got college everything is out the window. But for my absents on Monday I will make up with a double header today. So look forward to Number 12 later in the day. So thanks for reading, sub on the right for more post about anime, manga hauls, and more. Comment if you think it was to low or high. Until next time ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

Hint for the Next Girl

“A weapon that has been in on Rito’s mind lately”

TLRP Girl Number 12

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