TLRP: Number 11 “Run Elsie Jewelria”

Time to talk about my former favorite girl of the original To Love Ru Series. She is without a doubt the most beautiful girl in the franchise. She to me is still my personal top 5 favorite girl in the whole franchise. But, sadly this is a list for the overall best girl in the franchise. So let’s get started with the princess of Memorze and idol Run Elsie Jewelria.


Run is the childhood friend of Lala. She met Lala through royalty due to her being the princess of Memorze. An odd planet that you are born as twins in a single body with two minds and forms. Which can change on a trigger depending on the person. In Run and her brother Ren’s case it was triggered by sneezes. Due to the air conditions of planet earth they ended up sneezing a lot more than usual. Leading to multiple antics in the original series.

The first one to arrive into the story out of the twins was Ren. He would then come to Earth to claim Lala as his bride. Since he was in love with Lala since his childhood. Which is the opposite of Run’s feelings towards Lala. Due to the fact that Lala would test her experiments on her throughout her childhood. Ren would compete with Rito in multiple battles to prove that he was better than Rito for Lala. Later, when Ren was getting into another battle with Rito they ended up kissing by accident. The kiss that Ren/Run and Rito shared cause Run to fall in love with Ren’s rival Rito. Thus making Rito and enemy of Ren and a love target of Run. Opposite of that, Lala was an enemy to Run and a love target of Ren. Which made their relationship really interesting in the series.

In the orignal series Run would always try to pull pranks on Lala. But failed very miserably. But in the in the squeal, To Love Ru Darkness I personally feel like she got a little mental glow up. Not only did she stop pulling pranks Lala (except on rare occasions) in darkness. But she has really matured more as a character. She still loves Rito to the fullest of her heart. And is proving to the world everyday as she is the climbing to become the most popular idol in the world with her career.

As she started as a villain character (THE HINT) to later become a idol and a co star in the show with new best friend Kyōko. Who she met on the show of Magical Kyoko starting as a villan to then become really close friends with her. So much of friends that the magakas really devoted a full chapter to her relationship with Kyoko which I really enjoyed. Cause it was ALMOST the first chapter that would not have Rito in the entire series.

Now on her relationship with her brother. I was so happy when the magakas Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki decided to split up their bodies in the series. Cause I didn’t like the situations constantly that Run would get so close then Ren would ruin all the fun. But now with that separation she is more in Rito’s mind. Making her a true member of his harem. Cause she deeply loves Rito with all her heart.

FUN FACT: Run and Ren together was technically Rito’s first kiss, So Run gets a win in my book.

Favorite Moments

Their are too many moments to really consider. There can be the moment that she first met Rito. To just flat out saying that she loves him, to then turn into Ren. Then there can also be the moment that can lead to her splitting with her brother, seeing her in all her beauty. Or just a more recent chapter with her and her trying to seduce Rito with her potion. There are to many to count for this gem of a girl. Cause any chapter that she is in is greatness.

But I want to talk about one of my most favorite panels with her. In later arcs when she finds out that Haruna loves Rito. Right after she fails again to capture Rito. She doesn’t pull a prank to her, doesn’t attack, or gives up. But she simply goes up to her and says that “I wont lose to you”. Which is one of the most little things in the whole series. But to me that is a girl that is truly in love and not gonna give anything up. No matter how many odds face her. She will pursue Rito with all her heart.

2k Rating: 91 Overall

Just look at her. She has to me the best character design in the whole series. I put her over all the girls when it came to character design alone. She is one of the rare girls to look out of this world. She has the a passion when it comes to love that only few can rival in the series.

She devotes her entire career to Rito and him alone. So that he can love her when she is the most popular idol in the universe. So even if she gets all the fans in the world, all of the men, money, and riches that she can ever have. I know for a fuckin fact that she would drop all that in a heart beat to be with Rito. No sane girl would even think of that. But when it comes to Run and a few others they will do that.

What She Means to Me

I know that I have wrote a lot for this girl. Probally the most I ever wrote for this blog in general. But I want to say that To Love Ru was my first and favorite harem anime of all time. No matter how ridiculous it was I watched it all the way through. This is before darkness came to be and in the middle of motto cause I was a anime only. But when I first watch the series I saw Run in the original series. I fell in love with her design, which made her instantly my favorite girl of the original series and she was for a very long time. Then I started to read the manga. Every episode I saw her in gave me joy. Until later characters came in and new females were introduced and expanded upon. But, out of all girls in the series, she to me deserves Rito second most in the whole franchise. And I will be most happy when she gets her second kiss with Rito.

Her Future

I really hope that she gets that real first kiss with Rito. Out of all the girls in the franchise if I had to rank who deserves Rito the most, I would put her at second. Cause she was the second person to confess her feelings to Rito in the whole series. She started that idol job to prove herself to him. She went above and beyond to capture his heart but failed and still keeps trying. But please if Saki Hasemi if you stumble upon this, give my girl a whole arc or Fuck it give her that Yami/Momo treatment and call the next series To Love Run. She is a gem that deserves to be praised for all of her hard work. And I hope that she gets it in the long run. #TEAMRUN


After writing this and doing the extensive research about it. She deserves a huge asterisks next to her name. Cause to me she is now in my top 5 in this ranking. I’m sorry I am late again. But to pay homage to my favorite girl in the original series when I was in high school. I had to go all out with her. I pour my soul into this one. Cause this took more time then two whole profiles together. I was working on this one for a min. So please bear it with my absents. I have a ton planned so be prepared for what comes next. Cause the next girl will be a little controversial. Cause if you haven’t see that girl. You will see her next time. But until next time ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

Hint for the Next Girl

” I am pretty sure this will be my most unpopular ranking. But, she has that amazing laugh”

TLRP Girl Number 10

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