SPRING MANGA HAUL PT.1| Viz Media Haul (31+Volumes)|Sustain The Industry

Due to tax season and other things I decided to spend a lot of money on a lot of manga. So much that I had to have a early spring haul. Cause these series are coming one after another. I had to break it down into three parts. The first one is the Viz portion. The second one is the the others. Finally a third part for the rest of manga that is coming in April. With that viz haul my main objective was to complete all of the single volumes that I had.

Gintama by Hideaki Sorachi
(Volumes 2 to 17)

The anime for this series is a masterpiece. The comedy in this series is on another level. It has the best arcs in anime history. This is the only series to ever make me cry like a bitch on multiple occasions. Gintoki Sakata is the greatest main character in anime history. Along with the cast that all are deep characters that have been written near perfect. If you haven’t read or watch this series I highly recommend it.

Kaguya-Sama By Aka Akasaka (Volumes 2 to 7)

It is rare that I buy a series after just one episode. But this series is something different. It is currently my favorite anime in the entire season. Ishagami Yuu is without a doubt my favorite male character. And the interations and battles between the President and Kaguya are to die for. I know for a fact that this manga will be a great read.

The Promised Neverland By. Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu (Volumes 2 to 8)

This is has one of the greatest first arc in manga history. This is all of the manga currently out in English at the moment. I will admit that when the series is all said and done. It will probably be in my top 5 of all time.

Dr. Stone By. Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi (Volumes 2 to 4)

Boichi is one of my favorite artist of all time. His artwork in the classic of Sun Ken Rock and other series art out of this work. Along with a story with a great concept. I can’t wait when this series gets more love after the anime comes out.


Thanks for reading this. I haven’t done a manga haul in a good while so I am glad that I got such a large haul. I cant wait to show you guys part 2 when it comes out. These series are series that I know that I enjoy and hope that some of you find interesting. Also the old viz logo on Gintama is always refreshing to see. Until next time ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

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