My Head Last Month

Now I will amit that I failed in my last log. Due to the fact that I didn’t complete all the post that I had promised. But, I still plan to complete all of those post and more. I also know that I have been a little bit of a hiatus at the end of the month with the TLRP and my explanation to that is just life. In college, history has never been my favorite subject in the world and with it not being my favorite subject. When my teacher told my I had to write an essay about a article about slavery and such. I was just procrastinating over and over trying to write it. Taking me forever to complete Until 11:49 of the deadline to turn it in. I ended up getting a 95 on it which made me extremely happy.

But I was frustrated that I didn’t get to work on the blog as much as I like to. The fact that I had to take test multiple midterms last month. I am trying to decide my future college which is very difficult. Along with the fact that at my job of ******* I am getting a lot more responsibility which sucks. I just had a lot of work overload with all the stuff that was thrown at me at the end of the month. Like dang I’m just turn 20 last month and I am having the most responsibility that I have ever had ever in my life. So I had to clear my mind and watch anime, read some manga, relax with family, and play some games. But, I am a little better know that I am about to finish my semester and I requested a paid vacation at my job and got approved. So this month and May especially is gonna be a roller coaster. So here is my side bar and post of April.


The quote had to be more funny this month due to it being April. Also the fact that Sougou said that it was just meant to be.

Bae of the month might also win an sake award this month (That Plug tho). Isabella has a fucked up mentality but she still Bae.

Anime of the month this time will always hold something close to my heart. The character interactions are to die for. And when is season two. Now if you don’t mind I am about to binge this manga after…

Manga of the Month Domestic Girlfriend. Is the 4th manga ever including the likes of Kingdom, Grand Blue, and the Promise Neverland to ever make me lose sleep reading a series. So it will get that mention this month.

Post Coming in April

I will once again apologize now and ahead of time for the post that don’t get published this month due to me kind of playing catch up to March.

Official Grand Blue 52 Review? : I put a substitute for this post due to the mangaka being too ill to make the chapter last month. I got a ton of appreciation so I am grateful for that. So when the chapter comes out I hope that I do a great review.

To Love Ru Project (TLRP): I have not drop this series. I poured my heart and soul into this series and I would not end it at 11. Mainly due to the work overload that I had to postpone it. But I will at least drop a post a week. This month I plan to get to the top 5 by the end of the month. So look forward to it most likely on Wednesdays every week.

Manga Recommendation: Probably to talk about some random ass manga that I enjoy. In the similar style of the Sun-Ken Rock post. THE SERIES WILL BE DOMESTIC GIRLFRIEND CAUSE THIS MANGA IS A TOP TEIR.

Early Spring Manga Haul Aka Spring 2019 Manga Haul Part 2: I recently been reading a lot of manga. Along with that I have been buying a lot of manga. So I will have to split up my haul into 3 parts. Due to the massive haul of manga, I acquired before April 31st. So part two will come this month and three will most likely come at the end of the month unless I have a manga coming in the mail on the 31st.

I will talk about the greatest manga edition to ever to be published in America. It’s a echhi hardcover color manga. If you can put two and two together you will figure out easily if your a manga collector.

My Top Seasonal Anime of Winter 2019 / 1st EVER Winter Sake Awards : Well Winter season was so freaking good that I had to make a award show out of it. So be prepare for a spectacle.

I decided to give Boogiepop another chance… : I didn’t get a to complete the series that I began to really enjoy.

A masterpiece called “A Place Further than The Universe”: A leftover from march that I am working really hard on. I promise that I didn’t forget about it.

2+ post Gintama related. Since it is the month of jokes I will make at least 2 post about the best comedy anime of all time. Also an additional third for last month overload.

Kaguya Sama Season two when???

ReZero season two trailer super late reation

A surprise post on the 30th.

The Return Kingdom Reviews?

One Seasonal Anime that I will follow weekly: I wanted to do that really bad last season. But their was to many to choose from.


Sorry to spill my life story but I just have a thing to over explain myself. I also know I am putting a lot on my own plate. And I might not even get through all of this during the month. But I put as much time into this blog as I possibly can. But as my personal motivational quote of the month says. Things don’t get easier you just get stronger. But until next time ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

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