TLRP: Number 10 “Tenjoin Saki”

First off I want to say deep apologies for the unannounced hiatus for two weeks. My explanation to it is that college is tough. I had to complete multiple essays and midterms in the middle of March. So after I went through a hell of a week I just had to take some time off. But I haven’t seen yall in a long time. SO LETS GET STARTED with the “fan favorite”…..

HO, HO, HO, HO! It’s time for a real women of class in the series. We are finally in the top ten of the TLRP and I am going all out for the final 10. But, you might know the drill. Lets get started with the richest human in the series Saki Tenjoin. Also there is some BIG NEWS AT THE END.


Saki is without a doubt the most slept on character in the To Love Ru Franchise. She is a rich noble women that cares deeply for her friends and even her lowly servants as she treats them all like family and not like peasant.

She is a arrogant and a self proclaimed queen of the school. With the help her two friends as her assistants Rin, a long time servant of her family and closets friend. Along with Ayako, a girl that she saved from bullies to then follow Saki and become her close friend. In addition to the boatload of cash she has. She was the most popular girl in the whole school. Until a pink hair alien came and took all of her glory.

Saki was very arrogant in thinking that she was the best and no one stood toe to toe with her. So when Lala came she had tried multiple times to best Lala in everything. To also failed multiple times like a previous person on this list. She even tried to make Lala jealous and get with Rito. WHO SHE NEVER FELT ANY TYPE OF LOVE TOWARDS. She still from time to time tries to have bouts with Lala but as darkness came she took a back seat to Rin. But, she still has some of the best moments in the show.

Best Laugh

But, I will admit one negative to her is that laugh. I remember just hearing it like it was yesterday when I her it again. I then put it on loop for 20 mins and I just got one thing to say to that one negative about here.

In Defense Of Saki

I just want to say yes, she is this high and no, this is not a late April Fools joke. I will admit her laugh was annoying as hell.(Until I sacrificed my ears) The various stuff she did in the franchise was near psychopathic. But man she had some of the greatest arcs in the series. Like the Christmas Party arc in the original is a classic. Along wit the chapter when Rito became a Riko and spent some time with Saki. The various outfits that she has in her display is lucrative and all of her own accord.

Also if you marry her your set for life money wise. I just warn you don’t get on her bad side cause you will see “Saki The Savage”. But on the other hand she is one of the most caring individuals in the show. She is someone that will fight her parents and her best friends so that they will not split up and be alone. She is a queen, she has every right to be cocky as hell cause she is fine and she knows it. #TeamSaki

Also, she is the one of the only girls who didn’t fall for Rito! You know how many girls gravitate around that guys dick. For her not to fall for him once in the series is a plus in my book.

Best Moments of “Saki The Savage”

To me she is a straight savage. This girl has done so many things that only her money can get her out of. She shoots weapons of mass destruction at high school students. She has a contest full of deadly booby traps. Where we never saw some of the kids every again. Along with that she destroys completely her vacation home. She did this all in one arc to man. She has a lot of great moments but the Christmas arc was my personal favorite.

2K Rating: 91 Overall

If you marry this girl you are set for life. She is also one of the kindest girls in the series. Cause she treats all people alike. Whether it be her servants or her closet friends. She is someone that you can just have conversations on your expensive yacht on about life. But do not EVER cheat on her. Cause she has the power and money to put you in some random country with some limbs cut off never to be found again.

But beside that terror go back and read some O.G. To Love Ru cause she wore some of the sexiest attire in the franchise. She is so slept on its crazy. But I can understand cause she was basically Lala’ed in TLR Darkness. She might also not get any more screen time unless in is the finally. But I want to see her confess to Zatsin, Lala’s bodyguard.

Her Future

Give her the chapter that she deserves. She must get that chapter with Zatsin. I don’t care how they will work but man just give my girl a shot. I also want to see more interactions with her and Rin cause she knows that Rin likes Rito and she keeps pushing her to go with him. But I mainly want to see some more of the OG, the self proclaim and true queen, the savage best girl Saki.


Once again sorry for the wait. I hope not to do another hiatus like that again but you can never control life. And just know I saw something on reddit that said that To Love Ru is getting another chapter! I might be tearing up a little but LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care of its just another filler chapter cause this means that. To Love Ru the third act is coming soon. With every squeal we get closer and closer to that finale that we have all been waiting for. So until next time, ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

Hint For The Next Girl

“A little bit of a sadist”

TLRP: Girl Number 10

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