Date A Live III Is Not Totally Bad……

I just want to say that this anime is not the best in the world. The characters are not the best characters I have seen. The main character suffers from Ritoitus (Rito from To Love Ru). The pacing in the story was dragged in the beginning, then it was really good in the middle, but it was rushed to death in the end. To be honest, the story is down right skippable in the first half. When it slowly follows Natsumi for six episodes. All you need to know about her is that she grew up with no friends. She has a busty and loli form. Then she joins the harem. The End. But for some reason I kept watching past that. I then got really interested….


I kept watching mainly to see best girl Kurumi. So when Kurumi finally made her return to the franchise she lived up to expectations. Making me realize why I continued this show in the first place. Cause arcs with her in it are always well done and told excellently. So if anything just skip to episode 8. It is definite worth a watched.


This season they brought time travel element in Kurumi’s arc. And brought up some fuck up stuff with that element in their. Along with that I think that they teased the end game. With that reveal of phantom. But, I say if you have never watched it I wouldn’t recommend it. Go watch High School of the Dead a much better choice. Cause this series is bad, its just not that bad.


I just wanted to talk about a series that I somehow watched all the way through and still kinda enjoy it. Just so you know I will still continue to watch season 4 (if there ever is one) . Cause in the end they brought up a ton of plot elements that basically forced me to want to watch season 4. But until next time, ありがとうございました to my A&M people.

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