Grand Blue Chapter 52 Review “TV Special”

Welcome back to that Grand Blue greatness. After a two very long months of a no Grand Blue. We finally get the return of that greatness. Starting off, we have the most serious Kohei pages of the year. That being in the start where Kohei didn’t troll us with some of that extreme weeb nonsense that we all love. But spit out some straight logic and common sense in asking Cakey if she liked Iori. Cakey tried to shrug it off as much as she could. But, Kohei and us ain’t gonna believe that. Having the most serious Kohei panel of the year with him just looking back in silence. Not knowing what he is thinking.

I just hope that Cakey come to terms with her self. Cause I feel as if in this chapter Kohei was really trying to help her out this chapter with a mutitude of actions. Right after that, they arrived super tired form drinking last night. They find out that they were gonna have a TV Special to promote the dolphin club. As they were told they were separated into two groups. One that will be on screen and one that will be completely away from the camera. The one excluded would be especially Cakey, Kohei, and Iori for obvious reasons( Look at Chapter 51). Along with them was Chisa’s mom, who was shocked herself being excluded. But then we found out that she is slurry on camera. So be prepared for a slurry Chisa’s mom in the future.

Iori, A Man Of Class

The joke of the chapter to me begins when serious Kohei was trying understand what type of girl that Iori likes. Iori then says that its all about the bod and she gotta have them Tig Ol Biddies. Which was Iori just being a man of the highest class as you see.

But then Kohei ask for the type of girl that he likes on the inside. Then he basically says his relationship with Kohei to then make him believe that Iori had a thing for him.This stuff is just making Kohei more and more believe that Iori is at that Asuza level of sexualtiy. But he basically described a relationship that he could have with Chisa. Busujima, and Aina. So ship one of them please.

Joke of the Chapter

Take a Hint Iori

We then get introduced to the TV star, Yuchi Ikegoshi. With Cakey having no reaction to him. Then Kohei as dense as he is, was wondering why Cakey is not interested in the movie star. Then Iori then goes and brings up stuff in the past to Cakey when she was interested in the tennis club guy. She gives another HARD HINT to Iori and say that she is a changed women. But Iori is as dense as always and doesn’t get it. So I just hope that Cakey confesses soon cause Kohei is helping all he can. Even breaking a little bit of bro code.

Double Everything

When the TV star got injured diving he had Kohei of all people in the world be his body double. It then ended up Kohei losing his clothing multiple time in the series. Later after the Kohei antics we get introduced to TV star, Aina Takahashi who seems like a literal upgrade to another Aina(Cakey). Iori falls for her instantly being the opposite of a couple pages early when a male TV star that is a literal upgrade to another black hair guy. But, when Iori is trying to set up a date with her. Black hair Kohei cock blocks Iori to death. With Aina 2.0 was really trying to hang out with him. She witnesses the other side of Iori through a picture that Kohei just shows her. To then straight rejects him. Giving a beautifully drawn battle of the definition of suffering, rage, and vengeance.

But man at the end of the chapter that final page with Iori. With bloodshot eyes with tears of blood. This panel just shows the overall pain of Iori. Looking like a straight behielt out of Berserk. If you saw that page out of context you would think that this series has nothing to do about diving and was a straight revenge story.

Kohei’s Philosophy

MVP of the Chapter?

When Kohei started to ask Iori what type of girl that he likes. I was shocked when he asked that of Iori. Kohei is someone that really doesn’t ask questions like that. But when he asked that, he was for sure thinking of Cakey. This whole chapter is making me think what the hell is up with Kohei. I was prepared to make a quick post about this chapter. But, I spent my whole weekend of work thinking what Kohei could be thinking. From the beggining to the end of the chapter. I was just lost trying to figure out what this man was thinking the whole time. It might just be me thinking way to much into his character and it might just be Kohei be his typical asshole self. But what made me think that it was different was just Kohei’s aura this chapter. But it might just be me. But what is he thinking?

Bae of the Chapter


Man this chapter should have been called the denseness of Iori. But now I know for sure now that Cakey likes Iori for sure. If it wasn’t obvious as the sun. I hope that next chapter we see a little more of Cakey being more bold. I also hope to see what revenge Iori will plan to make. With that I want to see more of Chisa and her mom. Cause I really don’t understand their relationship at all now. But this arc is enjoyable so far. So now I have to wait another month for that Grand Blue greatness. But until next time ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

That artwork 10/10

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