My NEW Favorite Anime Character of All Time?[UNFILTERED A+M #1]

Now I will start to say that Sakata Gintoki is without a doubt my favorite anime character of all time. He will be a man that I aspire to be. One that fights everyday knowing what he has done in the past. With as little spoilers as I can give I tough that Gintoki might never drop to number 2. But then after avoiding it like the plague. I finally sat down and binge Attack on Titan season 2 and 3. To then watch the greatest that have ever witness. I had to re watch this episode about 10 times over. Cause of one man. A determination that move me to the bone. One that made me binge the rest of the season in one sitting for this one man. That man being Commander Erwin Smith. This man got his arm taken by a Titan. While being in this titan’s mouth not knowing whether that he will live or not. When moral was at a all low as Erwin was getting taken away. He shouted to his soldiers to advance in the coolest scene that I have ever witness. I had to re watch that scene over and over.

When we got his backstory I just continued to enjoy the man and his character. I heard that he will get a moment in season 3 part 2 that will make his character even better. This man and his ideology was very interesting to me. He is not the most perfect man in the world. But he does a pretty damn good job as the commander He is a man that is set to find out the truth about this world. He doesn’t care if he has to put soldiers or himself at risk. But if I were in the crazy titan world and I had to follow one commander it would be only be three people in the whole franchise I would follow to the grave. I haven’t felt this way about a character since Gintoki himself. I rambled a hell of a lot. But if your one of the few people left in the world that haven’t scene this masterpiece of a series I highly advise that you do ASAP. Cause Ewrin is the greatest side character that I have ever seen in history. Make sure you remember his name.

Now that was my first unfiltered post. A new series that I just type what is on my mind. Which is not really that professional. So I hope that people enjoy this post that made no sense. But until next time ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

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