Still A Masterpiece? | One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1 “Return of The Hero” Review

One Punch Man is still a masterpiece of a story. If you want to hear my thoughts about the animation you can just skip down to the bottom with the bold being the animation. Cause that deserves its own section but let us get to the story of One Punch Man.

King, The S Class Hero?

We get introduced to King, who is a S class hero, who is ranked number 7 in the hero organization. He was a guy that doesn’t get a lot of screen time with the other S rank hero in the final last season. But, with the reveal this first episode we find out why. We also find out who got all of the credit from Saitama’s battles. Due to King being the weakest S class hero. But, not only the weakest in the S class but the weakest person in the whole hero organization. He was just a shut-in outaku that ended up very lucky to be in front of all the defeats of Saitama. To then get the rank of S Class number 7 and the title of the strongest man on earth.

King & Saitama

So think this, King weak as hell and highly ranked in the organization. While Saitama is the literal strongest being in the universe and is still just a B rank hero. So King and Saitama are literal opposites characters. But they become friends after Saitama learns the truth about King. It just shows how much of a great character Saitama is cause he won’t be little King. Or accuse him for being a fake. But he motivated King to get stronger. Then play video games wit him after wards breaking one of his controllers.


Genos had a fight with the robot that was gonna kill King and ended up winning in the process. Which is something that he doesn’t do that often or at all so I was happy for him. He now has a motivation in the light path and that is to be a top 10 S Class Hero. But, he is still on the path of revenge. Being that after he destroyed the robot. He took his body to modifies his own. So I just hope that Genos don’t stray the wrong path for his revenge.

Villains and Heros

I want to talk about the final scene. With the collection of villains. The world will have to face a huge enemy in the near future. Also that a multitude of monsters have been showing up as of recently. Causeing the heros to get tired. But Sonic is not having any of the meeting if Saitama isn’t their. So he leaves telling the villains about Sitama. Then a villain with grey hair is really interested. I saw him on a bunch of covers and stuff. So I wonder how powerful he truly is. We also get introduced to the number one B Hero. She is has telekinesis like a certain peron.

MINOR SPOILER: I am pretty sure that I was spoiled that she was Tornado’s sister.


Now I just want to thank JC Staff for having the balls to adapt this series. It might put a stain on their name. But I give them props for doing so. They are doing a good job from the music to telling the story. BUT MAN is the animation is shit. Genos fight with the robot was just not good at all. The animation was all over the place. The new character designs are trash. This is just a bad overall project thrown at the last minute. But I don’t blame JC Staff at all.

I mostly blame Madhouse cause they made a masterpiece of a season one. To then throw it to another studio to work on other anime that are all good on their own and I wont name them. But are not at the level of One punch man. This is why Madhouse is now no longer my favorite studio. It is now Wit cause they knows what they are doing. They might take forever to produce something. But what Madhouse has done to this fucking masterpiece of a series, and a series that could have lead the way for more weebs around the world is just unforgivable. So even though I love the studio and their anime to death. Madhouse will never be the best studio in the industry in my eyes anymore. So in a nutshell the animation was terrible and it’s all Madhouse’s fault for not producing a second season cause the first one was too perfect.


I will continue to review this. And try my best to hold back on my slander on the animation. Cause JC staff is a great studio that produce many great shows. But you can’t just a child too another family and expect it to be the exact same. I hope to cover this show to the end. The hard thing about doing a weekly review is just staying consistent. Which will be a very hard challenge for me but, let’s see what will happen. But until next time ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

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