TLRP: Number 9 “Nemesis”

You know sometime I don’t know if am sane anymore. I just got news a little over a week ago that To Love Ru is coming back. With that coming I can not hold in my excitement. I am jumping up like a kid on Christmas morning. But I am happy that the HAREM GOAT is back. With all top tier girls in this series. Including my favorite dominatrix, the psychopathic beauty called Nemesis.


Nemesis was the latest female that entered the To Love Ru franchise. At chapter 23 of Darkness where I believe that Rito got his second quickness feel in the franchise. First being Lala in the bath tub Chapter One. But even in the Rito attack she had that calm demeter.

She is the master and the one that raised Mea through her life. As she was one of the last weapons made from the Eve project after it’s collaspe. She was also the one that made the plan to get Yami to return back to her original form of Darkness. Her goal from the begging of the series was after she return Darkness to her original self. She would then take herself, Yami, and Mea and live life as weapons to end the world.

But then she came to earth. To then bump into Rito. Cause of his affect over Yami and even her long time servant of Mea. It gave her the motive to make Rito her servant. Thus, she would be an immediate enemy of Momo. She would tease her multiple time during the franchise trying to claim Rito as her slave. Puting him in a lot of submissive positions in the series.

But after the Golden Darkness arc. She failed to turn Yami to her side. She got to face Gid Lucione, ruler of the universe. She then gets destroyed by the most powerful man in the universe. On the brink of death she then is defended by Rito. In one of the very little chapters in the whole series that he is an actual man. He makes Nemisis fuse with him so she can recover from her defeat.

FUN FACT: She can turn into anybody and anything. Including cats and nekos.

She then spends a whole arc in his body. Seeing the world through Rito’s eyes. Withing his body she sees the type of guy that she is. Seeing that he is just more than a pervert. She then shows him respect when Rito was about to go crazy on queen Run. To later protecting him against the number one assassin in the universe. To then separate from him fully healed.

She is now a full supporter of the harem. She even took control of the whole school to promote the harem plan. She has show full interest in Rito in the second half of darkness. But hasn’t express it to him fully. But that is just her still trying to be her mischievous self.

FUN FACT: Nemisis personality heivly inspired the personality of Zero-Two of Darling in the Frannxx

Favorite Moments

Just all of the chapters when she and Momo are together are the best. You get to see Momo in the shoes of Mikan or Nana. Which is hilarious. Cause she then always get the short straw. They might be sworn nemesis (pun fully intended) but, I can see them as the best of friends at the same time.

She is this high for a numerous of reasons. One of which being her arc in Rito’s body. Which was one of the best arcs in the series. I feel like she got a prospective of humanity. Then went from a murderous villain to just another cute and still crazy girl afterword. But she has a lot more plot in Darkness and she is here to stay for the next.

2k Rating: 92 Overall

Nemesis is photostatic, sadistic, and always mysterious at sometimes. She is outgoing and a fun girl at another. She loves dark matter and sweets. While being addicted to S&M and can turn into anybody that you want or change any part of her body. Also you can never lie to her and vice versa. Cause with her fuse ability your minds are connects so it would be a forcefully honest relationship. Plus just look at her she is just fucking an adorable psychopath.

Her Development

Now I have been doing a lot of character analysis lately . And her development is one that will always be one that I enjoyed in the series. From the beginning she had the mentality like an certain other weapon. Thinking nothing but destruction. Even ready to die knowing that she fought the greatest man in the universe.

To then live in the shoes of the man that saved her life. She later became even more interested in him. To the point that she would gladly join his harem. She just need to confess to him.

Her Future

What I want to see in the future with her is more of her and Rito. Cause their relationship at the back end of darkness was one that I enjoyed personally. She fully wanted the harem plan to go cause she not so secretly wanted to be in Rito’s harem. So I just want a arc when she opens up to Rito more than she already has. Cause behind that sadistic smile is a cute one.


Now that is a lot for just for the latest addition to Rito’s harem. But she deserved it. Cause her arc with Rito was one of my favorite in the series. Also we are going to get To Love Ru in May I believe which is making me more excited than ever. But until next time ありがとうございました, to my A&M people.

Number 8

“She is responsible for the greatest (NON-RITO) ecchi scene in the whole franchise”

TLRP: Girl Number 8

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