Why Can’t I Stop Reading You? [UNFILTERED A+M Stuff #2]

So I am just gonna leave this here and say that it takes 101 chapter to even understand the importance of this very serious scene. WARNING you will be on a binge if you read this.

I planned on making a post about this manga around this week. I was suppose to write about it at the end of an arc. Making a whole dicussion about the series. But with this manga you can’t stop reading this. This story has some of the greatest drama that I have ever seen. (Talking to a guy who has very little experience with drama manga). The story of Domestic No Konojo or Domestic Girlfriend is one that I read when I was in high school and drop for some reason I don’t remember. I am so glad that the anime came out, cause even thought it was rushed to hell. The manga is a gem in the industry. After you learn about each and ever character. You just want all of them to be happy. I can’t even say I have a best girl cause to me this series feels too real (minus the insect) and I relate to too many of them. Cause you see these characters grow and develop. Living their dreams and finding their purpose in life. The author of this series then leaves you on cliff hangers that just make want to keep turning the pages over and over. Wondering how will they end up at the end. So just to update you I am on chapter 101. About to binge about 30 before I go to sleep.

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