Domestic No Kanojo Chapter 184 Reaction (SPOILER TO THE MAX)

I just want to say this right now. This chapter in general might be one of my favorite chapters in manga history. To start with, man do I hate the stalker. That I wont even bother to remember his name. I am a guy that when I read a manga or watch an anime. I can always find a way to root for the villain a little. (Might make me sound a little crazy.) But, I am guy that even thought I fucking hate Griffin from berserk to the core and I know how much of a meme this is. But, I am on the side that he did nothing wrong. I root for Annie in Attack on Titan when she went rouge. Even thought I have watch 3 episodes of Jojos I fucking love Dio’s character to the max. But, man I hate this stalker guy to the core. So much that I won’t even take time out my day to look up his name for this post. But man he when from crazy stalker, to crying bitch, to just a trash murder. It just made me hate this man’s character to the core.

I also want to note about Rui. (WHO WILL GET AN ENTIRE SERIES ABOUT WHY SHE IS NOW AND MIGHT FOREVER BE MY BEST GIRL IN ANIME HISTORY). She just has moments that make me go wow this is a series. Like I want to just gush about her in this but I will save it for the future. Just know she has for sure surpass Asuza from Grand Blue my former best girl of all time. Cause she is the greatest and well written wife material that I have ever read.

Now to the reason I even made this blog. Natsau as of chapter 184 is in contention for one my favorite characters of all time. Cause last chapter he stop the stalker from attacking Hina at the store. Just by hearing the tone of her voice alone. Putting a end to Hina’s stalker for the moment. But, to then hear her getting chase and lying to him straight up. He shouts at her to cut the bullshit. He then proceeds to take a fucking stab womb from the trash stalker, Protecting Hina. You know for a fact know Hina won’t hold back any punches now. That the man that she loves risked his life for her. Rui I hope that your ready.

That beautifully drawn double page alone earns enough for a post on its own. But, this series is something that I will admit. It is getting up their as on of my favorite mangas. That is really I wanted to say about this chapter. But if you haven’t read it by now cause of any reason. Drop whatever you are doing and read this classic cause this is the greatest drama I have ever read. Now if you don’t mind I got some binge to do.

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